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Niantic Labs Post Screens And Details From Pokémon GO

The recent Google spin-off Niantic Labs is cooking up what might be the first worthwhile Pokémon experience on a mobile device with Pokémon GO. A bit of footage was shown off at SXSW last weekend, but now Niantic has posted some proper details and screenshots. Get your Pokéballs ready.

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[Wubba-Lubba-Dub-Dub] Pocket Mortys Takes Adult Swim's Rick & Morty To The Pokemon Dimension

If you haven't yet checked out Rick & Morty, Adult Swim's delightfully foul science fiction cartoon, you're missing out - and not just on obscure Android Police posts. The show is only two seasons old, but it's taken the Internet by storm, filling the irreverent, high-concept, mean-spirited place that Futurama used to hold. For those of you who are already addicted and waiting patiently for season three, take a portal ride over to the Play Store: Adult Swim Games just released a licensed game that drops Rick & Morty into a tongue-in-cheek version of Pokemon.

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Pokémon GO From Niantic Labs Lets You Find And Fight Pokémon In The Real World, Coming To Android In 2016

Now that Niantic Labs has left Google behind, we've all been wondering what its next big game will be. Ingress has managed more than 12 million downloads, but dare I say the just announced Pokémon GO will have even more. This game (coming in 2016) will have a similar augmented reality premise to Ingress, but instead of capturing portals you're capturing Pokémon.

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Pokémon Shuffle Is Now Available To All After Geo-Restricted Beta Phase

There's finally an official Pokémon game on a mobile device, and that's great. It's just... well, it's not the game that everyone really wants. Pokémon Shuffle is a matching puzzle game with hefty in-app purchases and a timer system. It was released in geo-restricted beta a week or two ago, but now it's live for everyone. Maybe if we give them enough money they'll release a proper Pokémon game?

1 2 3 4

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And The Prize For Completing The Google Maps Pokemon Challenge Is...

It's a card. Yippee.

Update: We've now gotten the Pokemon Master package from Google as well, and turns out there are actually 10 cards inside, not 1. The updated image is below.


If you remember Google's April Fools Day promotion that scattered digital Pokemon in maps all over the globe, you'll remember that it was awesome. Google also allowed those who had found all 150 Pokemon (with or without #151, Mew) to submit a form for a special prize. It looks like the prizes are finally making their way to the winners. Reddit user "tinygrump" got one and kindly posted a photo.

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[New Game] SEGA's Dragon Coins Combines Pokemon With A Weird Coin-Shooting Arcade Game, For Some Reason

Google's recent foray into Maps-based monster catching has proven that even full-grown Android users love them some Pokemon. Maybe that's why storied publisher SEGA has decided to make its own entry in the monster-catching genre. But why, oh why, is the core mechanic in Dragon Coins based around those little quasi-gambling quarter-shooter arcade games?

Try to follow along here: in Dragon Coins, your party of anime-style monsters is represented by little drawers in a shelf. Tap on the shelf to drop coins at strategic spots, where a moving wall will push them all forward into the drawers. When one of your monsters gets enough coins it attacks the enemy, another monster hanging out at the top of the screen.

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Google Is Sending Out Rewards To Users Who Found All The Pokémon In The April Fools Map Hunt [Update]

Leave it to Google to make April Fools fun long after the day is done. Users who successfully completed the Maps quest and found all the Pokémon (plus the secret Mew) are being pinged by the search giant with a link to register for a surprise gift. What is it? Well, that's what surprise means.


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Google Wants This April Fool's Day To Be The Very Best, Kicks Things Off With A Google Maps Pokémon Challenge

The kids who obsessed about Nintendo's Pokémon in the late 1990s are now the up-and-comers at some of the world's biggest technology companies. If you don't believe us, then check out the following video:

Yup, Google is back to its April 1st tricks, and they're going all-out this year. The video sets up an augmented reality game that lets you go out into the world and catch "real" Pokémon through you phone's camera. That's the April Fool's joke. But since this is Google, it doesn't just end with the video - as of right now, Google Maps on Android and iOS is actually populated with Pokémon creatures all over the world.

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Pokémon TV Arrives On Android, Streams A Rotating Selection Of Episodes For Free

There's little doubt that Pokémon is the very best at separating parents from money. Like no franchise ever was. Getting Nintendo to relinquish control of content, though, is a real test. It doesn't generally stream its show for free without good cause. Today, however, it's available across the land. The animated series can now be streamed to Android handsets far and wide.


pokemontv2 pokemontv3 pokemontv4

Admittedly Pokémon licensing is something I don't understand, but it's pretty powerful that this app has free episodes inside. It's not the complete series, but it's probably enough Pokémon for you and me.  I haven't seen the show since high school, but I knew a reunion was destiny.

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Motorola Charm Review: The Pixel-Faced Killah

P9060174_1 P9060178_1 P9060204

Getting my hands on the Charm was no mean feat. Motorola didn’t seem keen to send out review units to anyone in a hurry, so I took it upon myself to go buy one, under the pretext of it being a gift for my girlfriend (she has a Nokia 1661 for chrissakes).

That in itself was quite a quest, as not a single store in the state of Maine seemed to have one in stock. Several broken promises later, and I was on the bus to Boston, having been assured that there were “less than 10” units in stock in T-Mobile’s downtown store.

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