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Weekend poll: are you playing Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO has become an overnight sensation - probably far exceeding even the expectations of Nintendo America or Niantic. Tens of millions of players are already searching their world for new Pokémon, battling in gyms, and collecting various items to help increase the power of their pocket monsters.

While it's not officially available everywhere yet, you can always sideload the APK from APK Mirror (our APK is completely safe and was taken directly from the Play Store - we aren't shifting shady package files) to get in on the action.

I played for a solid couple of hours today, wandering my neighborhood (which is packed with Pokestops, apparently) and collecting new creatures and several-hundred Poké Balls.

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Day three: this is a $60 Pokémon GO phone (at least until we're all tired of it)

Pokémon GO is a phenomenon. And to an extent that I think Niantic and Nintendo scarcely could have imagined. Last night, my girlfriend and I walked down the street to have a nice dinner, and on the way there I counted four or five people clearly playing GO (several were walking their dogs).

On the way back, we spotted a small crowd - perhaps a dozen or so - standing outside of a rather famous recording studio in our neighborhood. "Oh," I said to my girlfriend, "there must be some kind of event at the studio tonight." As we walked closer, I noticed these weren't the, uh, sort of individuals who I'd expect at a venue like this.

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[Update: US too] Pokémon GO is now live in several countries including Australia, New Zealand, and possibly more [APK download]

There are few games more hotly anticipated than Niantic Labs' Pokémon GO, and now the first non-beta players are getting their hands on it. The Play Store listing is now live for everyone, but only those in select countries will be able to install it right now. Well, unless you head over to APK Mirror where we have the game available for download too.

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Nintendo says that Pokémon GO will be available sometime in July, wearable accessory will cost $35

Last month Nintendo started a closed beta program for Pokémon GO, the augmented reality catch-em-all game that the company has been working on with Niantic. It looks like we're very close to a public release, at least according to Nintendo's presentation at the massive E3 gaming convention. As reported by Polygon, Nintendo announced that the game will be released on smartphones sometime in July.

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The Makers Of Pokémon GO Are Looking For Game Testers In The United States

There are only a few months left (probably) before the young and young at heart will be able to live out their Pokémon fantasies in glorious augmented reality with the upcoming Pokémon GO game. But a select few will get an early ticket to Kanto (or wherever you set a Pokémon game with an entire planet's worth of playing surface). Today The Pokémon Company announced that it was looking for participants for the game's "Field Test," and registration is open on the US site. (It may be open to others, but we can't verify that.)

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Niantic Labs Expands Pokémon GO Field Test To Australia And New Zealand

There are Pokémon springing up in the land down under, and you can start catching them all if you're in that part of the world. Niantic Labs has announced the expansion of the Pokémon GO field test to Australia and New Zealand. It was previously limited to Japan.

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Pokémon GO From Niantic Labs Lets You Find And Fight Pokémon In The Real World, Coming To Android In 2016

Now that Niantic Labs has left Google behind, we've all been wondering what its next big game will be. Ingress has managed more than 12 million downloads, but dare I say the just announced Pokémon GO will have even more. This game (coming in 2016) will have a similar augmented reality premise to Ingress, but instead of capturing portals you're capturing Pokémon.

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