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Taiwan's Pokémon GO Grandpa is back with 64 phones mounted on his bike

The legendary Pokémon GO Grandpa — known for biking the streets of New Taipei City, Taiwan, with his "peacock of phones" — has gone public with his biggest, baddest rig yet. In 2018, he had 15 phones mounted to his handlebar. This year, he's up to 64.

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Pokémon Go is dropping support for 32-bit Android phones

While Apple phased out the use of 32-bit applications on iOS back in 2017, Google still has millions of 32-bit Android phones and tablets to support. That hasn't stopped some games and applications from dropping 32-bit devices though, and now Pokémon Go is phasing out compatibility with older phones.

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Pokémon will soon be able to hide behind real-world objects in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO might not be as popular as it used to be, especially amid a pandemic that has many of us staying home as much as we can, but the company behind it is nevertheless working on improving the game. As such, Niantic has announced that it will start testing reality blending next month, which will allow Pokémon to hide behind real-world objects that block your view, just as though they were real.

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Returning to Pokémon Go in 2020: What's new, different, and improved

The summer of 2016 was a strange time to be outdoors. Every public space was jam-packed with people playing Pokémon Go. After the initial hype died down, Niantic continued adding new features, and the experience is very different today. With many of us at home and looking for ways to pass the time, there's an understandable desire to return to the familiar. However, it can be daunting to get back into Pokémon Go after four years of changes. There are tons more Pokémon, a completely revamped gym system, and even remote raids. Here's what returning Pokémon Go players can expect in 2020.

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Pokémon Go's new Remote Raid Passes will let you join the fight while social distancing, but they're not free

Niantic has finally detailed its plans to make Pokémon Go easier to play during the current pandemic, following last month's announcement that changes were coming. In short, we're getting new Remote Raid Passes that let us join nearby raids without actually having to go there in person. But Niantic isn't doing this out of the goodness of its own heart, each pass after the first will cost you 100 PokéCoins — or up to a dollar.

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Should you buy a Poké Ball Plus for Pokémon Go?

Niantic is trying to retune Pokémon Go for a world in which we're all staying inside to limit the spread of coronavirus. That may actually make the game more enjoyable for returning players. If you want to get serious about your Pokémon adventure, you might even consider buying the Poké Ball Plus, which is essentially a better version of the original Pokémon Go Plus. It's not cheap at $50, but it does do a lot of potentially useful things.

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Pokemon Go tweaks rules to reduce travel requirements in wake of COVID-19

Pokémon Go might never reach the insane heights of popularity it enjoyed shortly after release, but a lot of people still go out into the world and play it. That's perhaps a bit of a problem in the era of COVID-19. Niantic has rolled out some unexpected changes to the game, and they're probably aimed at making it more playable for people who want to stay home to avoid coronavirus.

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Pokémon GO will expand online PvP battles with a new ranked league in 2020 (Update: First season March 13)

Pokémon GO got a little closer to its established universe when Pokémon trading was added to the game, which was soon followed by player versus player (PvP) Trainer Battles. Players are required to be within close physical proximity — or have a certain friendship level for battle — to use either feature. Niantic plans to get rid of this limit, at least for trainer fights, with the upcoming GO Battle League that will pair you with an opponent, regardless of their location

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Pokémon Go update blocks players if custom recoveries are detected

Niantic Labs' cat-and-mouse game with Pokémon Go cheaters has led to many instances of innocent players being locked out of the game. Only a few months ago, owners of some Xiaomi devices had their accounts suspended for no fault of their own, and now Niantic is seemingly cracking down on players with custom recoveries installed.

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Pokémon Home lets you share your Pokémon across multiple devices and games (Update: Out now, APK download)

Pokémon has been an international phenomenon ever since it populated the early Game Boys. By now, the franchise has become considerably more cross-platform, with Pokémon GO available on Android and iOS and Pokémon Let's Go on the Nintendo Switch. At a press conference on Tuesday, the company behind the games announced Pokémon Home, the missing link between its games: It allows trainers to bring over their favorite pocket monsters from one platform to another for the first time (well, wirelessly anyway).

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