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[Update: App is available] Google Podcasts ready to launch globally on Android with 2 million indexed podcasts

Changes have been afoot with Google and podcasts for many months. Cody has discovered sign after sign of the Google app adding podcast support, there was a long exposé of Google's podcast plans a couple of months ago, and podcast subscription and management then downloads started showing up. The wait is over now and it seems that Google is finally ready to reveal its podcast app and plans.

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Plex for Android v7.0 adds podcasts, customizable home screen, and more

Plex is already adept at cataloging and streaming your media collection, but the platform has also branched out a bit with content like live TV and news. Now, Plex is getting support for podcasts in the v7.0 update. That's not all—this update also includes a customizable home screen, easier navigation, and more.

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You can now download podcasts to listen to offline in the Google app

Back in March, ever-determined to give users multiple ways to do everything, Google rolled out the ability to subscribe and listen to podcasts directly in the Google app. Now, you're conveniently able to download clips for offline listening by tapping a "Download episode" button in the episode's description.

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Google has big plans to improve podcasts and boost Android listeners

Android has a significantly larger user base than iOS, yet the majority of people who listen to podcasts currently use an iPhone. Google hopes to change that by overhauling podcast support and making Android the premiere podcast platform. Steve Pratt has been talking to Google Podcasts product manager Zack Reneau-Wedeen about the big things Google has planned. Here’s what you can expect.

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BeyondPod's first public update in two years is reportedly buggy and unusable

A few months ago we wrote about BeyondPod and reports from users that the beta version of the app was broken in more ways than one. Since the podcast app changed ownership in 2016 there have been no updates to the stable version, and every beta release has provoked a ton of user complaints. A new update launched a couple of days ago with seemingly more issues than ever before.

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Google app starts rolling out podcast subscription and management

It must be a happy Cody day today. After Google Maps' Shortcuts, another feature he has been tracking for months in his teardowns is starting to go live: podcast subscription and management in the Google app.

Ever since 2016, when podcasts rolled out in Google Play Music, we have been able to search for a podcast and play an episode right from the Google app / Google Search. However, starting in May of last year, Cody started uncovering signs of better podcast support coming to the Google app and Assistant, and now we have the first look at what they may look like.

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BeyondPod's beta release has been completely broken for months, and the new owners don't seem to care

BeyondPod has been one of the top podcast managers on Android for ages thanks to its robust feature set. However, development seems to have hit something of a rough patch. Users have been complaining about a beta release that's hopelessly broken for months, and it's been well over a year since the Play Store version has been updated.

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Plex reportedly planning to support podcasts

Plex has been adding new features on a regular basis lately, like live TV and news. That's only the start of the company's expansion plans, though. According to a report from TechCrunch, Plex plans to add podcasts to the platform, and that could eventually lead to Plex becoming a one-stop-shop for your digital media needs.

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[Update: Google Lens actions are live] Google app v7.17 beta brings visual changes and Voice Match branding, hints at Android P, new Google Lens suggestions, and search filters [APK Teardown]

A bunch of new updates are rolling out as Google developers prepare to take a long holiday break. One of the big updates for the week is to the Google app itself. Version 7.17 began rolling out to the beta channel yesterday with some visual tweaks and the addition of something called Voice Match, Google's branding for its voice detection features. A teardown also reveals a curious reference to the next version of Android, new features for Google Lens, and in-app searches may finally get filters like the web interface.

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Player FM 4.0 update includes new UI, premium subscriptions, and plenty more

One of the more accomplished of the many podcast apps out there is Player FM. It's been a while since we last covered it, but today's news is worthy of a mention. Version 4.0 has been announced, and with it comes a redesigned interface, premium membership options, and a host of other new features.

If you're a regular user, the first thing you'll notice is the new UI, headlined by a five-tab bottom navigation panel. The options available to you there are Discover, Downloads, Shows, Playlists, and Settings, which should cover the vast majority of what you need to do in the app, with it all now in easy reach of your thumb.

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