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Audible Rolls Out Channels, A Source Of News Shows And Podcasts

We all love podcasts, amirite? I'm currently listening to the latest 'No Such Thing As A Fish' episode. Audible, the audiobook company owned by Amazon, has officially put live 'Channels,' a way to listen to news shows and podcasts in the same app you listen to books in.

Audible members get unlimited access to Channels, meaning they can listen to ad-free podcasts, news shows, and comedy at no extra charge. The content in a channel can be either streamed or individually downloaded for offline listening. Channels can also be followed, giving users an easy way to stay up-to-date.

2016-05-05 17.33.36 2016-05-05 17.34.02 2016-05-05 17.34.27

Left: The main Channels screen. Middle: A list of content in a Channel. Right: The Channel Player, similar to the audiobook player.

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Pocket Casts Updates To v5.0 With Beautiful Material Interface, Grab Bag Of New Features

App developers of the world, take note: this is how you do a Material Design update. After quietly hammering away this major update in a private beta, the Pocket Casts team has made it public on their stable channel. Already one of the most popular and well-regarded podcast clients on Android, Pocket Casts has paired their new design with a variety of new features and refinements that make the update more than merely cosmetic.

Screenshot_2015-03-10-16-04-44 Screenshot_2015-03-10-16-07-56 Screenshot_2015-03-10-16-06-07

For comparison's sake, here are a few representative shots of v4.8.4:

Screenshot_2015-03-10-17-12-37 Screenshot_2015-03-10-17-12-41 Screenshot_2015-03-10-17-12-49

While you won't see it in our screenshots, the developers have really nailed some of the key animations that make Material Design distinctive and intuitive.

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