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Hiroshi Lockheimer personally apologizes for Podcast Addict Play Store takedown, app now restored

Another month, another wrongful removal from the Play Store. Google booted Podcast Addict off the Play Store because it references the novel coronavirus outbreak — or rather, it offers you to listen to podcasts that do, just like any other podcast player out there. For some reason, Podcast Addict has been singled out by Google, with the company asking the developer to prove that his product is endorsed by some government, or remove any references to COVID-19.

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Google clears Podcast Addict of AdMob policy violation once again

Google has an annoying habit of pulling the rug out from under Android app developers. It's a story as old as Android—someone at Google decides an app violates some policy or another, and the developer has to scramble to figure out how to comply with the esoteric app guidelines. The latest victim is Podcast Addict, an app that has been in the Play Store for nearly a decade. Google recently decided to block most Admob ads in the app because people can download (*gasp*) adult-themed podcasts. Won't someone please think of the children?

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[Update: Winners] We Have 50 Codes For Podcast Addict To Give Away

You know what's cool? Podcasts are cool. They've been around for what seems like an eternity now, and they're still just as relevant as ever — maybe even more. And in case you were wondering, the Android Police Podcast might actually be the coolest podcast of all time. It's so good.

To add to the cool factor here, there are also a ton of podcast apps to choose from. Some suck, others do not. If you'd like to have one that does not suck (which I highly recommend), then Podcast Addict is probably a good one to go with.

It's loaded with a slew of awesome features:

  •  Subscribe to any existing audio/video podcast (300K+ podcasts available)
  •  Subscribe to YouTube channels/playlists, RSS news feeds and listen to Radio stations live streams
  •  Advanced player features: loop mode, repeat mode, sleep timer, etc.
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