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Pocket Is Preparing To Roll Sponsored Content Out To Non-Premium Users

Ever since Pocket replaced ye olde Read it Later app, it has offered a great experience for saving and reading articles. It's been free and without ads this whole time, but that's about to change. The pocket blog reports that sponsored content (i.e. ads) will start appearing in reading lists soon.

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Pocket 6.1.1 Adds Option To Follow Other Story Curators And Get More Personal Recommendations

Pocket wants to be your reading home on the web and mobile. Whether it's the stories that you run across while browsing or checking social media, those that your friends share with you, or those that it thinks are interesting to you, Pocket serves them to you in their purest form, stripped of the superfluous ads, widgets, and stuff that you find on any web page. And now Pocket's recommendations, which it introduced in version 6, are getting more customizable and personal.

Instead of Pocket guessing what you might want to read, you can help it by following known story curators and friends.

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Pocket Beta v6.0.1 Introduces New Share Menu That Can Send To Multiple Services At Once, Including Your New Public Profile Page

What do you do with something you want to save for later? You stick it in your Pocket. Simple. But what about when you're ready to share it with someone? Well, you could hand things out to one user at a time. Or, with the latest beta update, you can share things to your new public profile page for everyone to see.

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Pocket Updated To Version 6.0 With A New Tab For Recommendations

When you open up your Pocket, what do you see? If you haven't been running the beta version for the past few weeks, you've seen all the articles you've gathered from across the web. Now you will also see recommendations, content Pocket thinks you'll be interested in alongside the stuff you've saved.

To determine which articles to recommend to people, Pocket looks at what content users with similar reading habits saved to their accounts. It also considers how many of these users actually read or eventually shared each story. The company is quick to point out that over two billion items have been saved to Pocket, so there's plenty of information to work with.

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Pocket Releases Beta Channel With Early Access To New Features, Starting With Recommendations

Pocket lets you take whatever website you don't have time for right this moment and saves it somewhere for you to get back to later. It then reformats this content to make the text easier to read. That's what it does, and for the most part, that's all it needs to do.

But maybe this alone isn't hitting your buttons. You want more features, and you want them now. Well, just for you, Pocket has rolled out a beta channel. This will let you get access to upcoming functionality before it comes to everyone else.

Right now Pocket is working on a way to recommend high-quality stories and videos, not just those that are popular and new.

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[Deal Alert] $185 Worth Of Productivity App Subscriptions Including Pocket Premium, LastPass, And More For $59.99

Feeling unproductive? Maybe all you need is some apps to help you along. Perhaps you'll even want to buy a premium subscription to services you find particularly useful, but that adds up. For a limited time, you can get a one-year subscription to four solid services for $59.99 with the new Productivity Pack.


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Pocket v5.7 Brings Support For Lollipop And A New Look With Material Influences

In the world of offline reading services, few come close to the style and ease of use you get with Pocket. This app has stayed consistently at the forefront of Android design, and now it's getting an update to v5.7 with a new Lollipop vibe. You might not have the update yet, but it's rolling out.

2014-11-03 22.04.08 2014-11-03 22.05.14

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Pocket Updated To v5.6 With Download Limits, Better Evernote Support, And More

Pocket is one of the most popular ways to read cluttered web pages in a format that won't drive you to the edge of madness. The Android app has been consistently awesome, and today it's getting even better with version 5.6. This time attention is being paid to how you manage your articles.

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Pocket Rolls Out Premium Subscription With Added Features For $4.99 Per Month Or $44.99 A Year

Pocket is one of the best apps out there for saving a webpage and deciding to read it later, a type of instapaper that reformats each saved article for optimum readability. Now the company is introducing a paid subscription model to pay the bills. As far as app subscriptions go, it's on the pricier end of things. Users will be expected to pay $4.99 a month or $44.99 a year if they want access to the newly unveiled premium features.


Now, on to those perks. First, there's the Permanent Library. Here readers can access archived versions of webpages that may have since disappeared from their original source.

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Pocket Updated To Version 5.4, Includes New Languages, Immersive Mode, And More

If you use Pocket for your "read it later" needs, you'll want to check the Play Store for an update. Today, Pocket announced version 5.4 of its Android app, and it includes several new features that are sure to be of interest to users. Here's the official changelog:

Translated into more languages: Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Polish and Portuguese.

Fullscreen now uses Immersive Mode on Android 4.4 KitKat and hides the status bar on Android 4.1 and up.

Refined layout and typography, which ensures that headers, images and paragraphs all flow together seamlessly.

Automatic adjustments to layout and formatting when adjusting text size to deliver the most readable view.

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