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Ricoh announces plug-in partner program for Theta V 360-degree 4K camera

Ricoh's Theta V came out just last summer, bringing 4K 360-degree recording in a diminutive package. At the time, Ricoh announced that the new camera would be able to make use of first-party plug-ins via the companion app. Now the company is expanding things to a larger audience, opening up a new "Plug-in Partner Program" for the Ricoh Theta V. 

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Weekend poll: How many devices do you charge at night?

The worst thing about living in the future is all the cables, and I'm not just talking about the extra dongles OEMs make us carry around now. Every new gadget, whether it uses a nice easy standard like USB-C or not, is another electronic mouth to feed come bedtime. From phones to wearables and all your day to day accessories, how many devices do you have to charge at night?

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