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Plex Updated To v4.4 With Fast User Switching, Android TV Improvements, And More

If you've got a big media library to manage and you want to get it on multiple screens, Plex is one of the best ways to do it. The Android app has been updating at a breakneck pace recently, and today there's yet another version bump. It comes with various layout improvements and some tweaks to Android TV functionality.


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Plex Music Revamped With Mood Playlists, Improved Library Scanning, And More

Plex is a powerful media management and streaming platform, but it has always been more geared toward video. That changes today with a new version of the server software that enables an improved music experience. Music in Plex will be better for all users, but those with a Plex Pass subscription will get a few extra goodies as well.


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Plex Updated To v4.2 With New Discover Mode For Browsing Content, Separated User Preferences, And Other Enhancements

Plex is one of the easiest ways to view local video on your mobile devices, and its developers have been gradually cranking out updates as of late that improve the Android experience. Version 4.2 doesn't overhaul the experience, but it does introduce a number of tweaks to the user interface.

One addition is the new Discover mode to help you browse the content in your library. A panel at the bottom allows you to easily switch between it and standard navigation.

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Plex App Updated To v4.0 With A Redesigned UI, Expanded Android TV Access, And More

Plex has updated its now unified Android app to v4.0 with a number of important changes. While the app went partially material in a past update, the transformation is now more substantial. In addition to the UI tweaks, you get better server control, user management, and more.

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Plex App Updated To v3.9 With Partial Material Redesign, New Single-App Model, And More

If you're going to watch local video files on your mobile device or Chromecast, Plex is one of the best ways to do it. This app relies on a server on your PC that transcodes almost any file and streams it to the app so you don't have to carry everything around. Today's update to v3.9 doesn't change the basic functionality, but it cuts down on the number of apps and brings a modest redesign.

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Plex Update Adds Support For Playlists On Android And Android TV, Improves Play Queue Handling, And More

If you have a lot of media files on your computer or server and you like the freedom of streaming them to your mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and other screens, chances are you're either using XBMC or Plex. For fans of the latter, there's some good news waiting for you in the form of a major update to the Android app.

plex-update-1 plex-update-2

Playlist support has been added to Plex on both the mobile layout and Android TV.

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Cost Of Plex Pass Going Up For New Subscribers On September 29th

Plex makes streaming media from your PC or server to another device staggeringly easy. It's also a killer deal with on-the-fly transcoding, Chromecast, automatic library organization, and a ton of other features for just a few bucks per month. It was such a good deal that Plex decided the cost of a premium Plex Pass subscription should go up a little. The upside being current subscribers can lock in their rate.

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Plex App Updated To v3.3 With Automatic Camera Uploads

Plex is one of the best ways to stream local media to your mobile devices and the Chromecast, and today the Android app is getting a cool improvement. Version 3.3 adds support for Plex's background photo upload feature so your pics will always be backed up. However, it's a premium user feature for now.

2014-05-13 19.30.35

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Plex Chromecast Support Is Now Free For Everyone, App Still Costs $5 For Non-Subscribers

Chromecast support came a little early to the Plex app, but it also came with a catch – only premium PlexPass subscribers could use it. That was only a temporary situation, as the developers added features and improved the feature. Now the preview period is over and everyone can enjoy Plex's excellent content streaming with Chromecast support without a subscription.

2014-03-13 19.44.35 2014-03-13 19.45.12

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Latest Plex Update Adds Improvements To Chromecast Support, Shared Sync, And Other Enhancements

Plex was one of the early apps to add Chromecast support. This is great, because as a service that takes content stored on one of your computers and makes it accessible anywhere, it's the ideal candidate for Chromecasting. Yet the team isn't settling for simply putting videos up on the big screen, and after the latest update, the app now goes a step further by tossing up detailed information on it while you browse through content on your mobile device.

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