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Plex acquires streaming news service Watchup

Plex wants to be the hub for all your content, but right now you mostly have to download that content separately and store it on your Plex server. The company has just acquired Watchup, a streaming news service that could make Plex a more robust platform. This isn't Plex's first foray into true live streaming, but it's certainly the biggest.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a Lifetime Plex Pass for $120 ($30 off)

We here at AP hope that you all had a merry Christmas. We are now in the final week of 2016 and there should be some good sales that will show up to send off this year. One of the best ones so far is a deal on the Lifetime Plex Pass, which is currently $119.99, a savings of $30.

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Plex updated to v5.2 with syncing to adoptable storage and more

There's a Plex update rolling out, and it has finally fixed a long-standing deficiency in the app. Specifically, syncing just didn't work on adoptable storage. As of v5.2, it does. That's not all that's changing this time, either.

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Sonos Android app gains Plex integration, currently in beta

Here's an exciting update for those of you who have a Sonos sound system and use Plex to manage your media library — the two services are learning how to play along. Sonos has begun testing Plex integration in the latest version of the mobile app.

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SHIELD Android TV Update 3.2 is live with Plex server capability, VUDU 4K, NAS mounting, storage access from PC, and more

NVIDIA announced the 3.2 update for its SHIELD set-top box earlier this month, cramming in so many features and new capabilities that it's practically its own little Android version bump. Today's the day: if you have a SHIELD TV, you should be able to manually update it now if it isn't already showing the notification. Even if you don't intend to use the headline Plex server feature, there are plenty of other goodies inside that should make media consumption richer and easier.

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Plex Media Server Android app appears on Google Play ahead of SHIELD TV update

The next update to the SHIELD TV firmware will come with a built-in Plex media server. This is a big deal, as it will let people who own this Android TV box use something other than an always-on PC to store their media library.

Now the Plex Media Server app has found its way into the Play Store ahead of the firmware update.

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SHIELD Android TV Update 3.2 Will Add A Built-In Plex Media Server And Remote File Access, Among Other Improvements

The SHIELD TV is the best Android TV device around, even if its competition isn't up to much. With NVIDIA's Tegra X1 architecture and an available 500GB hard drive on the Pro model, one might wonder why something like the fan-favorite Plex software wasn't available before. (Plex was previously installed on the SHIELD, but only as a client for streaming media from another server.) Well soon enough it will be: NVIDIA and Plex announced that the next update to the SHIELD firmware will include a built-in Plex media server.

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Plex App Updated With New First-Run Experience, Audio Player Mix, And More


Plex For Android v4.8 Adds 4K HEVC (H.265) Playback Support, MKV Playback Support, And AC3 Passthrough For Android TV

If you use Plex, you already know it's an amazing tool for managing your completely legitimate media library. It really is great - and today, it just got a little better, especially if you've been hankering to play back 4K videos on your Android or Android TV device.

Plex v4.8 for Android adds three things, but they're all pretty significant. First on the list is 4K HEVC (aka the H.265 codec) playback support. Now, the main reason that's really useful is, essentially, for playback on Android TV devices connected to a 4K display. While it'd be fine to downscale to 1080p on smartphones, if you've got a 4K television, you want 4K content.

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Plex Updated To v4.6 With More Material Design, Better Android TV Sorting, And More

The Plex app is getting a big update to v4.6 today, and with it comes yet another step in the app's material makeover. This update goes more than skin deep, though. There are improvements to functionality for Android TV, Chromecast, and the general app.

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