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Plex live TV support comes to Fire TV and web interface

Plex used to just be a way to manage your local video collection, but that changed a few months ago when support for live TV was launched. At the time, only certain platforms were supported, but now live TV is expanding to Fire TV and the web. For the Fire TV, you also get support for live TV DVR functionality.

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Plex upsets users with changes to its privacy policy before backtracking

After receiving a couple of emails from disgruntled Plex users, it's become apparent that the company has made some changes to its privacy policy. It's being accused by some customers of trying to sneak in a revision that removes the ability to opt out of data collection, with some worrying that this may lead to the selling of user data. To allay those fears, Plex CEO Keith Valory has released a statement outlining why the changes were made and what further changes will be made to placate users.

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Plex Live TV and DVR is out of beta and available for Android

It wasn't too long ago that Plex showed off its new Live TV feature, which you can read about here. That was just a beta, with a limited number of supported platforms (Android TV, iOS, and Plex web). However, that feature is growing up and ready for prime time, coming with full Android support, too.

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Plex v6.0 adds the ability to open and play locally-stored video files [APK Download]

Plex has been up to lot lately; it wasn't too long ago that the company announced Live TV, a free service for all Pass subscribers. Shifting back to a stronger Android focus, the app is getting a rather interesting update starting today. V6.0 (technically, adds the ability to play locally-stored video files on your phone or tablet.

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[Update: Now public] SHIELD TV update v5.2 adds Plex Live TV, direct NAS write capability, and more

As a companion to Plex's announcement of Live TV for Pass subscribers today, Nvidia is pushing out the 5.2 update to the SHIELD TV. Yesterday, we saw the Tablet and Tablet K1 receive a version with the same number that addressed a few issues and bugs. Thankfully, TV owners have something much nicer to look forward to than just optimizations and fixes.

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Plex Live TV is now available for all Plex Pass subscribers, tuner required

Back in September, Plex DVR launched, giving you the ability to record and save any broadcasts that your HDHomeRun tuner and antenna had picked up. It was a Plex fan/cord cutter's dream. But now to sweeten things further, Plex has announced Live TV, which will be available to all Pass subscribers at no extra charge.

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Plex for Android 5.6 adds app shortcuts, media flags for locally synced content, plenty of bug fixes, and more

Plex is pretty awesome, especially when new features like Plex Cloud get added, and the company does a good job at keeping its apps updated and in good repair. The bump to v5.6 brings a few new things and a ton of bug fixes. This is quite the changelog, so without further ado, here it is.

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Plex Cloud moves your media collection to Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive

I have been a happy Plex user for a few months now. I love being able to store my high-quality Blu-ray rips (from movies I own) locally, since I unfortunately have to deal with Comcast's 1TB bandwidth cap. But not everyone has an always-on PC that can transcode video fast enough for streaming at higher resolutions, and most of Plex's approved devices are pricey. Now Plex has announced Plex Cloud, a way to keep your media collection without the need for a local server.

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Plex gets Alexa support for the ultimate home theater experience

Plex is simply awesome. I have been using the media server in some form or another for years and the Lifetime Pass sales are always extremely tempting. So when the service gets a new feature or addition, I pay attention. In this case, Amazon's personal assistant and Plex are coming together via a new Alexa skill.

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Plex acquires streaming news service Watchup

Plex wants to be the hub for all your content, but right now you mostly have to download that content separately and store it on your Plex server. The company has just acquired Watchup, a streaming news service that could make Plex a more robust platform. This isn't Plex's first foray into true live streaming, but it's certainly the biggest.

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