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Plex comes to Daydream with full VR, co-watching, and selectable viewing scenes

In its continuing quest to dominate your personal media library, Plex is launching a new way to watch your locally-stored content. Plex VR is coming to Daydream, and the base package does not even require a Pass subscription! This will come with fully interactive viewing environments, social elements like a friends list, and support for 2D, 180°, 360°, and 3D+360° videos.

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Plex for Android 5.6 adds app shortcuts, media flags for locally synced content, plenty of bug fixes, and more

Plex is pretty awesome, especially when new features like Plex Cloud get added, and the company does a good job at keeping its apps updated and in good repair. The bump to v5.6 brings a few new things and a ton of bug fixes. This is quite the changelog, so without further ado, here it is.

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Plex Cloud moves your media collection to Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive

I have been a happy Plex user for a few months now. I love being able to store my high-quality Blu-ray rips (from movies I own) locally, since I unfortunately have to deal with Comcast's 1TB bandwidth cap. But not everyone has an always-on PC that can transcode video fast enough for streaming at higher resolutions, and most of Plex's approved devices are pricey. Now Plex has announced Plex Cloud, a way to keep your media collection without the need for a local server.

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Plex Media Server beta for NVIDIA SHIELD adds Plex DVR functionalities

The NVIDIA SHIELD is probably the best Android TV hardware out there (it has Borderlands!), and today it's getting even better, with the addition of Plex DVR to the latest Plex Media Server beta, which enables the recording of any over-the-air TV channels through any web browser.

Plex Media Server released on SHIELD earlier this year, so Plex DVR is just the latest feature to come to the service. This apparently makes the SHIELD the only streaming set-top box with DVR functionalities, which only makes it more attractive as an Android TV box. To use Plex Media Server, a Plex Pass is needed, however, which may dampen things somewhat for a number of potential users.

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Plex Media Server Android app appears on Google Play ahead of SHIELD TV update

The next update to the SHIELD TV firmware will come with a built-in Plex media server. This is a big deal, as it will let people who own this Android TV box use something other than an always-on PC to store their media library.

Now the Plex Media Server app has found its way into the Play Store ahead of the firmware update.

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