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YouTube Music working on Spotify-like 'collaborate' setting for playlists

A setting to allow playlists in YouTube Music to be collaborative works has been spotted in the wild by the folks at 9to5Google. The new setting doesn't actually work yet, and it isn't appearing at all for us, but the iconography, label, and other tweaks make it clear that the feature should offer Spotify-like collaboration for composing playlists.

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Spotify may be testing Daily Sports curated music-and-podcast playlist

Spotify may be testing or rolling out a new daily playlist which will feature tracks from your favorite artists and genres in addition to sports podcasts. If Daily Sports spreads across to more users, it will join the streaming service's growing list of daily music-and-podcast playlists curated to its users.

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Re-ordering tracks in your Spotify playlists is now possible on Android

I have a long list of small complaints about Spotify and, until today, one of them was the lack of an option to re-order tracks in the playlists that I've created. I could re-arrange my playing queue after choosing a playlist, or go to the desktop or web player to edit that playlist, but on my Android phone, the "custom" sorting order wasn't modifiable. Now, it appears the function is rolling out.

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Spotify's Android app will get track reordering... at some point

Spotify is (probably) the most well-known music streaming service, but it isn't without its foibles. Up until earlier this year, it was a common complaint that free users couldn't actually directly select songs to play, and the A/B UI tests are almost Google-level frustrating. By far my biggest personal issue has been the inability to reshuffle tracks in a playlist from the Android app—a very basic feature that even Play Music has. Thankfully, that particular annoyance is now set to be fixed in a future update.

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SoundCloud's redesigned home screen features personalized playlists and curated recommendations

SoundCloud announced today that it's given the home screen of its Android app a fresh lick of paint. Until now, the app would open with a stream of the latest releases from the artists and labels you follow. That content is still there, in a new tab highlighted by a lightning bolt, but the home screen has a few new goodies to keep you interested.

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Your 2017 Wrapped by Spotify is a musical year in review with a new custom playlist

One of the best things about the music streaming service Spotify is the platform's incredible ability to customize itself to the listener. Its automatically generated playlists are second to none, making it easy to find new music you like. The holidays are also a special time for Spotify listeners, as we get to look back at the last year's listening habits in the form of customized playlists, and this year Spotify has turned it into an interactive experience: Your 2017 Wrapped

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YouTube Music v1.46 enables sharing tracks from the queue, prepares for full playlist support and setting max resolution [APK Teardown + Download]

With so many things happening this week surrounding Google's new hardware, it's easy to overlook some of the software updates rolling out. The latest version bump to YouTube Music doesn't include much in the way of visible changes, but a teardown of the apk also reveals some worthwhile additions in the works for the future. As always, the apk is ready and waiting at the APK Mirror link below if the Play Store isn't already serving the latest version to you.

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Spotify launches Daily Mix for a fresh custom playlist updated every day

Spotify is big on music discovery with features like suggested artists and Smart Playlists that are based on your activity. Now, Spotify users are getting yet another music discovery feature. It's called Daily Mix, which offers a pretty good hint of what it does.

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Play Music v6.13 adds a sleep timer and shows progress on Samsung Galaxy Edge support [APK Download + Teardown]

If you enjoy falling asleep to some tunes but don't want them to play all night long, the latest update to Play Music is for you. A new version began rolling out last night and it adds a sleep timer so you don't have to worry about burning through your battery or data all night long. A look inside the app also shows more progress toward adding special support for the Edge display on certain Samsung phones. There are also hints about a watch-specific addition that suggests music for fitness.

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YouTube Music v1.26 Brings YouTube Playlists To The Likes Tab And Makes A Few Visual Adjustments [APK Download]

Many YouTube Red subscribers aren't making use of the dedicated YouTube Music app yet, but it remains one of the somewhat unique perks of the program. Since launch, the app hasn't seen all that many changes, but updates have been coming out pretty regularly with little tweaks and adjustments. Last week, an unexpected jump from v1.20 to v1.25 suggested some big changes were afoot. A teardown didn't reveal anything of substance – just some minor visual tweaks – but a new changelog has come out since the release of v1.26 this week, and gives us something a little more meaningful.

What's New

Official Changelog:

  • New: Listen to your YouTube playlists in the YouTube Music app!
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