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Dead Cells is available on Android a day early at a special launch price

In October of last year, I broke the news that Dead Cells had popped up on the Play Store as a pre-registration listing, but the title was soon delisted. Sadly there was no way to know if that listing was a mistake, or if someone had simply pulled the trigger a little early. Well, there is no more need to guess. Motion Twin has announced a partnership with Playdigious to bring Dead Cells to mobile. The title is scheduled to be released on iOS sometime this summer, and an Android version "will come later."

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[Update: Out now] Lovecraftian card game Cultist Simulator is coming to Android on April 2nd

Weather Factory originally released its Lovecraftian card game Cultist Simulator on PC in May of 2018, and Playdigious has taken the reins for the development of the mobile version that will soon land on Android on April 2nd. Weather Factory has recently announced the official release date of the Cultist Simulator mobile port on its official Twitter account, and you can even pre-register for the title on the Google Play Store.

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Puzzle-platformer Teslagrad is available on Android

Teslagrad was announced for Android back in September. At the time it was only available on the Play Store for pre-registration, and a release date was unknown. As of today the indie 2D Metroidvania is available for purchase. You can snag a copy right now for $4.89, which is a 30% discount off the planned retail price.

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[Update: Listing removed] Dead Cells is coming to Android, and you can pre-register right now

Hey, look at this, the Metroidvania indie hit Dead Cells is coming to Android. The listing just popped up on the Play Store a few minutes ago, and it's currently available for pre-registration. I can't promise that the publisher Playdigious didn't jump the gun a little early, so make sure to check this out while you can.

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Indie Metroidvania 'Teslagrad' is coming to Android, and you can pre-register right now

Teslagrad is one of those indie games I always heard about, but never actually took the time to play. It initially launched on Steam in 2013, and then it hit consoles in 2014. It's a Metroidvania-style 2D platformer with a steampunk setting, and you get to use your electromagnetic powers to help solve puzzles as you make your way up the long abandoned Tesla Tower. It's already listed on the Play Store if you'd like to pre-register right now, and you really should, since it will be available at a discounted price for those that do.

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[Hands-on] White Night, a compelling survival horror that uses a minimal color palette as its main mechanic

You will notice right away that White Night uses a black and white color palette that clearly offers a very stylized look. While we have all seen this style used many times before, what can't be gleaned from a quick glance is the fact that this game uses its minimal color choice to its advantage by implementing plenty of mechanics that are dependent on the way light is shone in your immediate environment. So instead of jumping on the bandwagon and using a black and white theme for what is now considered an easily created look that covers up imperfections, OSome Studio has chosen to build their game around this color choice and in doing so has the clear advantage of being able to use it in a unique way that presents some very clever puzzles to the player.

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Latest Humble Bundle celebrates 9 Made in France Android games

Pour ceux qui valorisent l'esprit national et veulent essayer quelques jeux développés en France à prix réduit et tout en faisant un don pour des organisations de charité (Americaines ou Anglaises seulement, malheureusement), le dernier paquet humble est fait juste pour vous.

Oops, I didn't see you there, non-French speaking readers. Sorry. Let me catch you up. The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is all about games developed in France by renowned names like DotEmu, Playdigious, Mi-Clos, and more. It features 9 Android titles in the usual tier-pricing scheme.

If you pay more than $1, you get arcade games Mechanic Escape ($2.99) and Pang Adventures ($3.99) plus typography puzzler unWorded ($2.99).

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