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Files by Google can now open PDFs and adjust video playback speed

Files by Google made its debut a couple of years back, and Google has slowly been adding features to it. The latest additions in v1.0.33 include a PDF viewer and the ability to adjust playback speed for videos.

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[Update: Android too] YouTube adds 1.75x playback speed on the web

I would have never thought that a single YouTube playback speed setting would be requested or would get noticed this much, but today I've learned that you can't make assumptions like this without researching them first. It seems that the 1.75x speed setting has been asked about, not once, not twice, not even thrice, but even more times, and when it showed up a few days ago on the YouTube desktop site, many users did indeed notice it.

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Google Home is getting playback speed voice controls for podcasts and news

Any podcast app worth its salt allows you to change the playback speed. People speak at different paces; some podcasters are agonizingly slow and articulate, others talk very fast and are impossible to understand if you don't speak their language (and even dialect) natively. That's why it's important to be able to set the playback speed to a convenient rate for you. Google Home appears to be getting this feature soon - possibly even now.

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