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30 temporarily free and 45 on-sale apps and games for Wednesday

Welcome, all, to another round of app sales. Today's list is decent, containing some Asmodee games and Hitman Sniper. Otherwise, it's fairly standard, so enjoy and be sure to pop by on Friday for the last one this week.

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44 temporarily free and 77 on-sale apps and games to start the week

Welcome to the first full week of February. To get it started off right, I have quite a hefty list of app sales for you all. There are some goodies, like Sleep for Android and one of my favorite games, Neon Chrome. And I know some of you have lamented the lack of Wear OS watchfaces, so you'll be happy to know that there are a couple today.

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Viber 10 introduces hidden numbers in Communities, group calls, and a redesigned UI

Viber just announced the launch of the latest revision to its mobile messaging app, bringing a new UI and some new group features. The company also claims that the redesign offers users double the performance when sending messages.

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Google bans 29 beauty camera apps from the Play Store that steal your photos

Security firm Trend Micro has discovered 29 malicious beauty camera apps that aim to phish user traffic and steal your photos. The apps have already been removed by Google from the Play Store, but only after accumulating millions of downloads.

Once installed, some of the apps would load up full-screen advertisements for fraudulent or pornographic content each time the device is unlocked, and some of the apps would forward users to phishing websites to steal their personal information.

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44 temporarily free and 47 on-sale apps and games to start February

We're through January and MWC is right around the corner. To celebrate the new month, I have another list of app sales for you all. It's a lengthy one today, but it features a few games that are personal favorites of mine — particularly Sword & Sworcery and Planar Conquest, two titles that I install on every phone.

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Telegram 5.3 brings new custom chat background options [APK Download]

Telegram is finally adding a revamped, full suite of customization options for chat backgrounds. Whether you want solid colors, patterns, or motion effects, this update adds them. While most new versions have several additions or improvements, Telegram is keeping things simple with v5.3.

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26 temporarily free and 27 on-sale apps and games to finish January

The end of January is nigh upon us, but that also means it's time for another round of app sales. Today's list is much shorter than Monday's; better yet, it still has a couple things worth noting.

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Tez, aka Google Pay for India, reaches 100 million installs on the Play Store

Gather 'round folks, Tez celebration time! Google's mobile payment solution for India, formerly known as Tez and later rebranded to Pay, has reached an important milestone in its software life: 100 million installs on the Play Store. This is usually when developers bring out the big cake and everyone wishes them zero bugs and 100% positive reviews for the months to come.

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Google emphasizes Apps and Games in latest Play Store layout, hides media tabs

It was only a few weeks ago that we spotted a small change in the Play Store's tab layout that would completely separate apps and games. The modification we are seeing today takes a page out of that book, but feels more like a regression than an improvement.

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45 temporarily free and 53 on-sale apps and games for Monday, including some Forever Entertainment titles

Monday has rolled around again and January is just about over. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for some more app sales — today's list is quite long. Amongst the selection, you'll find a few bolded games of note, including some of Forever Entertainment's titles and the Majesty games (which are some of my favorite things to play on Android). Have fun and be sure to pop by for January's last roundup.

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