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Play Store web version tests revamped install workflow and interface

Quite a long time ago, you were able to install apps on your phone from the Play Store website without further authentication. These days, though, clicking the Install button abruptly throws you into Google's account picker, asking you to re-enter your password. While you still can't reduce the number of times a password is required or mark machines as trusted, Google is testing a revamped interface. It should help you bring apps to your phones more easily. The workflow asks you to choose an install target before prompting a password and shows you more devices at a glance.

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Google seems to have pulled back the web Play Store redesign (thank goodness!)

A couple of weeks ago, Google started rolling out a new Play Store redesign on the web. On the face of it, it looked a little cleaner, but try to use it for one minute and you'd hate everything about it. Now it appears that Google has pulled it back. None of us can get the new design to show up again, regardless of how many listings and browsers and devices we try on; we're all back to the previous Play Store look on the web.

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