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Google tests expanding Play Store filters to include star ratings, Editors' Choice, and 'new' apps

Google is currently testing an expansion of its existing Play Store filters to help find better-rated apps. First spotted by 9to5Google, the change brings a handful of new filtering options that will appear when searching, including a pair of star rating limits and an Editors' Choice-only flag that can help separate the app wheat from the chaff.

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Some new apps aren't showing up in Play Store search, but a fix might be rolling out

Google's Play Store may have a new problem that is affecting app discoverability for many developers. Over the last two months or so, some developers have been claiming that their applications aren't surfacing in the Play Store's search results as they should, with some apps that accrued hundreds of thousands of installs not even appearing in direct searches for that app's name. Thankfully, new reports within the last twenty-four hours indicate that some kind of fix may be rolling out, resolving the issue for some developers.

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Some Android developers see huge drops in app installs after Google 'enhances' Play Store algorithms

Last August, Google announced an enhancement to its Play Store search and discovery algorithms, all in the pursuit of a better consumer experience. This was a natural next step after the company said it began tuning its algorithms "to optimize for user engagement, not just downloads" at its Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference in February 2017. In part, these moves appeared to be shots across the bow aimed at getting developers in line. But in recent weeks, it seems we've approached a sort of endgame, and some smaller developers are losing — big time.

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Google Play Store starts showing free and premium filters for searches

Some users have been seeing these green suggestions when performing a search on the Play Store app for almost a year, but the feature began rolling out more widely in June (I still don't have it). However, it only seemed to provide keywords to further specify your search, not proper filters to separate the results according to price. Now it looks like Google is testing the latter kind.

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Google is testing new search suggestions in the Play Store

Google likes to continually tweak the interface and features of its tools and apps, especially the most widely-used ones. Today an Android Police reader spotted new search suggestions in the Play Store, in a way that's familiar for general Google searches but hasn't actually been seen on Android's app listing yet. The new UI element shows suggested additions to your search term after the query has been entered - not to be confused with search suggestions that expand from the bar itself.

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Play Store has new layout and transitions for search results, may be rolling out via server-side update

Google iterates a lot on the Play Store - the new shade of green, darker and richer than the previous one - is currently rolling out globally, along with the big uninstall button and tweaked list view for apps. We've now had wind of another test, using big cards for apps that can be horizontally swiped through in search results.


When searching for an app, tapping a result will take you to this new view, where you see the current content but instead of fullscreen, it is contained in a card. Scrolling down makes the card bigger - so the view is as it is now - and scrolling up puts it back in a card.

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