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Chrome 84 hangs and crashes for some, especially when they close incognito tabs

Chrome 84 is exhibiting stability issues for some people on Android. Whenever they close their last incognito tab, the browser freezes and eventually displays the dreaded "Chrome isn't responding" dialog. The bug seems to bog down the whole interface, as neither home nor back buttons/gestures work while you wait for the popup to appear. Other people even report that Chrome just crashes out of the blue for them, with no incognito tabs involved.

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Despite Google’s elaborate algorithms, it’s still too easy to manipulate Play Store ratings

Fake reviews on the Play Store are a topic talked about way too often, yet here we are again. Despite Google pouring tons of research into keeping the platform free of spam and malware (leading to quite some achievements, I must add), fake reviews remain a problem for Android device owners and developers alike. The problem is far from new, but apparently, malicious actors seem to be able to slip through the cracks again and again — and it appears their methods don't even have to be too sophisticated.

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Play Store rolls out dedicated reviews section, tests in-app review dialogs (Updated)

For the longest time now, you've been able to leave reviews on apps and games' listings on the Play Store. Whether you want to complain about a bug or a recent update, give feedback to the developer, praise them for their work, it's a great way to voice your opinion and help others get a clear image of the app's experience. However, leaving reviews is a disruptive process, and finding or editing your existing reviews is still very difficult as there's no centralized place for them. Google is testing solutions for these problems.

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Google Opens Up API To Read And Reply To Play Store Reviews, Support Already Offered By Zendesk And Conversocial


Coin Electronic Credit Card Releases Its Official Android App, But Pre-Order Customers Are Still Pissed

Putting your fantastic and revolutionary product up for sale before you actually finish it seems to be a surefire way to get some extremely unhappy customers - just ask anyone who's backed a gadget on Kickstarter. Coin, the electronic credit card that can save all of your various debit, credit, and loyalty cards at once, has cause to reflect on this today. The company released its official Android app for managing the card, and the response has been somewhat less than positive.

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In fact, "bloody furious" would be a more appropriate way to describe most of the initial reviews.

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