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Google users in Europe now have 14-day refund window for services purchased through Play Store

With as many apps as there are in existence, when you download enough you're bound to run into a stinker or two (or three, or four). And understandably, when an app just doesn't live up to your expectations, you're going to want a refund. While you can get a refund for things bought through the Google Play Store, how that process works wasn't exactly super intuitive all along, and over the years we slowly saw Google formalize its refund policies. Today we're witnessing the latest change, as Google reforms those policies for users living in the European Economic Area.

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Two Years Later, Google Play Support Docs Acknowledge 48-Hour Refund Window

Around two years ago, we published an article saying that despite the claimed existence of a single, 15-minute app refund windows (now 2 hours), Google Play actually had multiple refund windows available to customers that were automated up to around 48 hours after the purchase of an app. Specifically, from a period of 15 minutes (again, now 2 hours) to up to 48 hours after an app or game was purchased, simply submitting a refund request would generally result in a refund being issued automatically, without regard to reason.

At the time, we actually confirmed some of this with Google's PR, though they declined to state that the 48-hour refund windows was fully automated, likely to discourage abuse of the system.

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