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Google starts open beta program for Messages app

Fans of testing out buggy or unstable versions of Google apps, which would be most of our readers here at Android Police, will be excited to hear that Google is rolling out a testing program for the Messages app (née Android Messages). As with other beta testing programs, all you need to do is opt in, and you'll be among those who get to check out new features and bugs early.

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VLC beta version 2.1 adds Android Auto compatibility and PIP support for Android TV, plus big interface and engine tweaks

VLC, the desktop favorite of local video enthusiasts for more than a decade, doesn’t have quite the same kind of universal acclaim on Android. But the developers are still hard at work making improvements. According to a blog post from Geoffrey Metais, the 2.1.0 update to the beta release adds a ton of new features, notably including compatibility with Android Auto (for audio, not video).

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Samsung opens a Play Store beta program for the S Note app

S Note is the included app for Samsung's Note series that enables, well, notation. It's designed to be used with the S Pen stylus for a variety of quick notes and drawings. It features most of the things that you'd expect from a notation tool, but since it's such a signature part of the differentiating hardware, Samsung seems interested in making a beta version of the app available to its users. The beta app is up on the Play Store now - head to this address to opt-in to the program, then this address to download it.

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Google Maps Now Has A Play Store Beta - Get It Right Here [APK Download]

There's a Google Maps beta channel on the Play Store now, and you can sign up for it at this link. You can also download the new APK, version 9.27, directly from APK Mirror if you prefer, right here.


We're still rooting around in the app to see if there's anything new, so let us know if you find anything! (Remember, Maps was also updated last week to v9.26.1, so anything from that update is not new). Also remember that if you're running the Android N preview, you already have Maps 9.30, and so this 9.27 APK will not install over your existing app, as it's a newer version.

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Google Play Improvements: Better Beta Access, App Collections, Pre-Launch Report, Review And Acquisition Benchmarks, And More

It was only a couple of days ago that the Play Store got updated to version 6.7 with several new features including better access to betas and beta feedback, features that were soon reverted through a sever-side switch probably because they were revealed a little prematurely. Now we have official word from Google about those new betas as well as plenty of other goodies for Google Play that are in store for users and developers alike.

Better Beta Access

You'll no longer need to scour Google+ or read Android Police to find out about app betas. Wait, come back, please keep reading Android Police so I can get paid.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta Adds A Metric Brick-Ton Of New Features Including Skins, Fishing, And Baby Zombies

Are you still playing the mobile version of Minecraft? Good, because just like the original PC version, developer Mojang is still adding new features. The beta version of the .11 release is now available via the Play Store/Google+ community method. (Previously it wasn't available to the public.) It has more additions and improvements than you can shake a pickaxe at, including some features that have been hotly anticipated by the large player community. Here's a breakdown of all the new stuff from the Google+ news post:

New features
- Skins
- Added boats rideable by 2 mobs!
- New World edit screen
+ Rename worlds
+ Change gamemode
+ Lock/unlock day cycle
+ Make old worlds infinite
- Localization!

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XBMC/Kodi Remote App Yatse Gets A Visual Makeover In Version 5.0 Beta

Kodi (formerly the Xbox Media Center) isn't the only piece of software attempting to find a new image. One of the most popular Android remote control apps for the media manager, Yatse, is getting a major visual overhaul. Version 5.0, now available in a Google+ beta, is showing off a shiny new interface that takes more than a few pages out of the Material Design playbook. Check out some comparison shots below.

14 - 1 14 - 3 14 - 4

New above, old below.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (5)

In addition to the new dark grey color scheme with mint accents, the various menus, action bars, and sliding elements have been Materialized.

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Wear Mini Launcher 2.0 Now Available In A Play Store Beta, Offers Customizable Launch Position And Volume Toggle

Good grief, the developer behind the Wear Mini Launcher is certainly setting a rapid pace. The app has only been available for a couple of weeks and already it's seen a major update. Today you can download the Play Store beta version (after you've joined the Google+ community, bah) to try out the 2.0 release. The 2.0 update includes options for moving the swipe-in activation gesture to other screen positions. You know, in case your tiny watch-based app launcher needs more customization.

sc1 sc2

Developer Nicolas Pomepuy has posted three alpha updates in rapid succession, also adding phone volume toggles to the Wear Mini Launcher quick settings menu.

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Pebble Launches Official Beta Channel For Its Companion App And Rolls Out First Beta Update

Pebble fans have been faithfully following each step of the breakout smartwatch since it set almost every Kickstarter record ever. While most of the big news has died down, that doesn't mean the development team is on a break. To speed up the process of getting new features and bug fixes out to eager users, Pebble is opening up an official beta channel through the Play Store. These betas are technically for the Pebble companion app, but since the app also installs firmware updates on the watch, it's likely that you'll be able to get in on all of the new features.

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Pushbullet Adds A Google Play Beta Program And Pushes An Update To The Desktop App With Mirroring Support

Do you like Pushbullet? As an Android user, you are required to like it. Sorry, we don't make the laws, we just enforce them... with extreme prejudice. The news you are henceforth required to celebrate is that the Pushbullet devs have created a Play Store beta program. Just a few clicks and you'll get the new stuff first. Plus, there's an update coming to the desktop app that takes some of the weight off the browser extensions.

2014-06-02 07.16.03

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