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2-Hour Refund Window For Paid Apps And Games On The Play Store Is Officially Official

Around a month ago, we reported that Google had seemingly changed the refund window for paid apps and games on the Play Store to two hours. We tested our theory extensively, and 2 hours was the figure we landed on repeatedly. Now, the change is official: Google has updated the refund policy for paid apps and games on the Google Play support site to reflect the change to a two-hour window.

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The Play Store's Refund Window Now Seems To Be Around 2 Hours For Many Paid Apps And Games, Not 15 Minutes

If you've purchased an app or game on the Play Store recently and gone to see if you could return it, you may have noticed something a bit odd: you could still do so outside of the alleged 15 minute return window. In fact, that now seems to be the case for many paid apps and games, despite no published changes in the store's refund policies.

To test this seemingly longer window, three members of the AP team all bought apps on the Play Store.

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