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Play Newsstand v3.4 Adds Home Screen Shortcuts To News Sources And Topics [APK Download]

We know everybody is looking forward to the big Hangouts 4.0 update; and despite a pretty active day for updates, there's no sign that the big green chat app is going to get a big new version today. While we're waiting, a smallish update to the Google Play Newsstand app reminds us that there's plenty of stuff to read in the news. The changes in this release are mostly centered around improving performance and accessibility, and fixing bugs.

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Paid Play Newsstand Content Comes To Austria, Belgium, Ireland, And Turkey


Paid Google Play Newsstand Content Now Live In Italy

When Google released Newsstand, it married content from Currents and Magazines. This brought stories from around the web, along with paid magazine and newspaper subscriptions to one place. The problem, however, is that paid content isn't yet available 'round the world.

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Today marks the arrival of paid content to the Newstand app in Italy, making it the fifth country to get support for the service. Both the application and Newsstand homepage appear to have been updated for Italian users, and there's also a promotional page to help users find new content to purchase.

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Google Currents Is Officially Dead With Latest Update, Transitions Users To Play Newsstand And Disappears For Good

We've known the day was coming for a while. The Currents app has finally hit the end of the road. An update to version 2.3 is rolling out through the Play Store that officially closes up shop and points users in the direction of Google Play Newsstand. Subscriptions are automatically transferred over to Newsstand and the old Currents app disables itself after users tap through for the first time.

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Google Offering A Slew Of Free And Discounted Magazines In Play Newsstand For A Limited Time

Two days ago, Google officially launched Newsstand, an app that combines Play Magazines and Currents to offer an all-in-one-place news source. To celebrate the launch of this new product, the company is now offering several magazines for free or at a discounted rate, presumably so potential customers can get their feet wet and see what the mag experience is all about.


There's a pretty wide variety of titles available for free and/or cheap right now, including MaximumPC, Men's Health, People, PC Gamer, Maxim, Wired, Women's Health, Entertainment Weekly, Runners, In Style, Sports Illustrated, BeerAdvocate, Vanity Fair, Bicycling, Linux Format, Redbook, and a lot more.

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Google Play Newsstand Is Live, Officially Combines Currents And Play Magazines

We've been hearing/seeing/talking about Newsstand for the past several weeks, and it's officially live as of now. As expected, the app takes the place of Play Magazines, but it also replaces Currents as a news reader. It's basically becoming the go-to place for news, magazines, and online feeds. Everything you want to read all in once place. That's cool.

Screenshot_2013-11-20-10-53-40 Screenshot_2013-11-20-10-54-55 Screenshot_2013-11-20-10-54-43

You can hit up the latest publications in the Play Store, including the New York Times, WSJ, and a lot more, browse the magazines section, or just add your favorite site's feed quickly and easily.

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[APK Teardown] Play Store 4.4 Suggests Google Is Getting Ready To Release Google Play Newsstand

Earlier this week, we posted the first look at the upcoming Android Play Store app v4.4. As it turns out, besides sporting a new look and a secret message to the teardown team, the updated Play Store is strongly hinting at another new arrival - one we've been waiting for since March. And now we have the updated name for it - Google Play Newsstand.

March 2013: Google Play News

But first, allow me to refresh your memory.

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