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Google Play Music is testing a new search UI, with album art and play button for top results

Google recently made some significant changes to its Play Music app for Android, adding a search history and notification channels for use with the upcoming Android O release. That was followed up with the addition of New Release Radio, a personalized mix of recent releases similar to your own collection. Thanks to a couple of tips, we've also become aware that Google is testing a couple of small improvements to search in the app, namely a play button and album art for top results.

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New Release Radio on Google Play Music gives you a customized daily mix of the latest releases

Following an early access test for the Galaxy S8, Google has now released a new station for users of Google Play Music: New Release Radio. It's a daily mix of recently-released music based on your own tastes. Whatever you are into, each day you'll be able to check out the latest songs by your favorite artists. 

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Google Home can now play uploaded and purchased tunes from Play Music

Google Home launched with a number of missing features, some of which have been addressed. Not all of them, though. You still can't set a reminder, but you can finally tell Home to play songs that you've purchased or uploaded to Play Music. The preference it gives to that content will vary based on your account status.

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Google Play Music v7.9 adds search history and notification channels for Android O [APK Download + Teardown]

There's a new version of Google Play Music rolling out to users this afternoon, but the changes aren't terribly noticeable if you aren't looking for them. Hidden away in the Settings screen is a shortcut to view your music search history, and buried away in the system settings is a set of new notification channels so you can customize just how much Play Music interrupts you. A teardown also suggests audiophiles can look forward to some even more precise sounds coming from some tracks in the future.

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Android O feature spotlight: Ongoing media notifications are now colored based on album art / thumbnails

Android O's third developer preview has just landed, and we're already spotting some pretty cool changes. Among the first we spotted is color-coding for rich media notifications, meaning that these notifications will be themed based on album art / video thumbnails.

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Google is now offering four free months of Google Play Music for new subscribers

Right now it looks like Google is running a special offer for Google Play Music. New subscribers that sign up here can get four free months of service instead of the usual three. No telling how long this offer might last, so if you have been considering subscribing, now might be the time to do it. It could save you an extra $10. Again, this particular offer is only for new subscribers.

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Google Play Music is Samsung's new default music app on the Galaxy S8, complete with exclusive features

Like most Android device makers, Samsung has always had a custom music player on its phones. However, that's changing with the Galaxy S8. Google and Samsung have teamed up to make Play Music the default player on all Samsung devices going forward. As part of the deal, owners of the GS8 (or future devices) get some special perks not available to others.

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Play Music v7.5 adds quality settings for music streamed over Wi-Fi or downloaded for offline playback [APK Download]

The early versions of Google Play Music earned a dubious reputation at launch for aggressively eating through cellular data in the name of providing the "highest quality" sound. After a few optimizations and an option to control audio quality on mobile connections, the situation got much better. However, being more responsible with cellular data alone wasn't very helpful to users with capped home Internet service or slow Wi-Fi. The latest update to the app aims to fix that with new settings to control audio quality when streaming over Wi-Fi or downloading music for offline playback.

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Play Music v7.4 prepares to team up with Google's Clock app for musical alarms, loses weight, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

There's a new version of Play Music rolling out to users and this one includes at least a couple of things to smile about. This release cuts the size of the app by a good amount and fits in a few interesting changes to navigation and appearance. But the really important change can be found in the Teardown. It looks like Play Music will finally become available to Google's Clock app to sound off for alarms.

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Play Music v7.1 prepares to add an autoplay option and sound quality settings for Wi-Fi and downloading [APK Teardown]

An update to Google Play Music began rolling out earlier this week, but there aren't any signs of changes in the UI. However, a couple of interesting things did turn up during a teardown. We can look forward to new settings to control audio quality for each of the major situations for downloading music. Additionally, there will be an option to allow the app to begin playing music as soon as it launches. If you're eager to grab the latest version before it comes to your device naturally, there's a download link at the bottom.

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