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Play Music is dying, and some people still can't make YouTube Music their default provider in Assistant

Play Music will disappear over the next few months, starting with South Africa and New Zealand in September and the rest of the world following in October. While YouTube Music (YTM) is already an almost full-fledged (albeit quirky) replacement in the US and many parts of Europe, the same can't be said for some other countries. In some, YTM isn't available as a default music provider in the Assistant, and there's no proper voice control for Google's latest streaming service, either.

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YouTube Music comes to Assistant and Android TV in a very limited capacity

The signs have been there for months, but now we know for sure that Google Play Music will be discontinued starting September in favor of YouTube Music (YTM). Fans of the older streaming service will tell you that the newcomer has a long way to go before it's as functional and featured, and nothing will change that — not even Google's announcement that YTM has seen some improvements on Google Assistant and Android TV. As expected, those are botched implementations.

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Google Play Music will be discontinued starting September

A while ago, Google announced it would discontinue Play Music this year. The company promised to work hard on making YouTube Music a viable alternative, and it looks like it's now happy with what the new app has become. As such, Google shared today that it will discontinue Play Music starting this September.

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YouTube Music rolls out Recent Activity and external devices toggle from Play Music

YouTube Music still doesn't have feature parity with Google Play Music, but the list of remaining discrepancies has been dwindling. Two more items can be checked off in the last few days as the Recent Activities list appears to roll out to everybody and you can now control whether devices like wired headsets and bluetooth stereos can trigger playback.

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YouTube Music shows latest library additions for some

YouTube Music is slated to replace Google Play Music later this year. There are still some discrepancies and missing features, and Google is hard at work bringing over as much functionality to its new music streaming service as it deems feasible and necessary. As such, YouTube Music now tests displaying albums and playlists that you've saved to your library in the Last Played overview.

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How to transfer your uploaded songs on Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Google announced a migration tool for taking your library from Google Play Music library of uploaded songs and getting them onto its new YouTube Music service back in May. Now, it's rapidly becoming more widely available across the globe. It's not immediately intuitive what the tool will and won't preserve, though, and the benefits and drawbacks of taking your cloud music library over to Google's new music streaming platform. In this guide, we'll show you the ins and outs of the tool and everything you need to know about using it.

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YouTube Music migration from Google Play Music is breaking the YouTube sidebar for some

Last month, Google began rolling out a transfer tool to help users migrate seamlessly from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. It's a one-click process that syncs your library, recommendations, playlists, likes and dislikes, and more. However, as is often the case with new tech like this, many users are experiencing a glitch, reporting that the migration of their data is causing their YouTube side panel to disappear on both desktop and mobile.

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Google delays YouTube Music transfers due to 'high demand'

Google's long-awaited transfer tool for YouTube Music debuted a month ago, and surprise, it's getting swamped. Google now warns users that transfers are "delayed" because of high demand. Transfers are still happening, but they're going to be slow enough that Google felt the need to warn everyone.

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Google fires back at Sonos with its own patent infringement countersuit

Back in January, Sonos filed a lawsuit against Google, telling the story of a company that used its power to steal intellectual property and infringe on 100 separate patents. The claims even raise the topic of antitrust. The filing called for the courts to ban the sale of most Google-made products with any relationship to audio. Google is now firing back with its own countersuit aiming to shut down the initial attack.

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