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Google Opinion Rewards now tells you when your credits will expire

For years, Google Opinion Rewards has given out Play Store credit in exchange for answering targeted surveys. Google recently started enforcing the 1-year expiration date for credit earned through Opinion Rewards, and after the resulting outcry, the company promised to make the expiration dates more clear in a future update.

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Google is sending $5 Play credits to some users prematurely invited to Google One

The rollout of Google One was complicated. The service was announced and the app made available for download in May. Emails went out saying that the service was available to everyone in the US in the middle of August, but that still wasn't the case by the end of the month. Now, Google is trying to make amends by sending some users affected by the messy launch $5 Google Play credits.

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[Update x2: Extended to August 31] Get a $10 Google Play credit when you make five purchases with Google Pay in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia

Google recently rebranded Android Pay to Google Pay, and it's now running a promotion to increase use of the service. From now until May 14th, you can get a $10 Google Play credit if you make five purchases via Google Pay, with just a few caveats.

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AT&T Giving $50 in Google Play Credit With New Lines Of Service Until June 17th

If you're thinking about switching to AT&T or opening a new line of service on an existing plan, the company is offering a pretty decent incentive to those who buy Android devices: $50 of Google Play credit with a device purchase.


Basically all Android devices that Big Blue sells are eligible, and it doesn't matter which type of "contract" you decide to go with – it works with both two-year agreements and AT&T Next. You better grab this deal quickly though – it ends on June 17th. 

For more info on how this deal works, check out AT&T's website; to see the full list of eligible devices, head here.

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The Google Play Store Now Allows You To Buy Play Store Credit Directly From The Web

Update: Google has updated its Play gift card support page to reflect this change, and this change hints that at some point this feature might allow you to gift Play Store credit:

Note: You may only purchase Google Play credit to add to your own Google Play balance - at this time, it is not possible, aside from purchasing a physical Google Play gift card from a retail store, to add to another user’s Google Play balance as a gift.

Google has just introduced a brand-new feature on the Play Store that's sure to be useful to many people - Play Store credit is now purchasable directly through the Play Store site.

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