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Pix'n Love Rush Is A Delightful Retro Platformer, Hearkens Back To A Simpler Game

Sometimes, we don't want complex games. Sometimes, adding new rules or features to existing genres is a bit overwhelming. Pix'n Love Rush is, in contrast to many games that come out these days, very simple. You're in a side-scrolling platformer world and your goal is to run around collecting things sans dying. Simple enough, right? The game has a colorful retro aesthetic and easy gameplay.

The game has 4 play modes that offer different challenges, but the general idea remains the same.

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[New Game] Another World 20th Anniversary Edition Now Available In The Play Store

Late last month, we heard that the 20th anniversary edition of the cult classic platformer Another World (also known as Out of this World) would be coming to Android on March 16th. If you happened to check the calendar today, then you would know that today is, in fact, the 16th. If you combine the information from the first two sentences of this post, then there is only one possible conclusion: Another World 20th Anniversary Edition is out today!

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[New Game] Cordy Sky Jumps, Bounces, And Flies Into The Android Market, Makes Successful Follow-Up To Original Hit

Following up on the success of Cordy (a game we mentioned in part 2 of our feature on the best action/adventure games of 2011), SilverTree Media released Cordy Sky to the Android Market today, giving players even more of the freewheeling platform action they came to love in the original. Sky's gameplay is engaging, colorful, and addictive. In this adventure, Cordy meets Volt – a friendly robot who has been trapped on the mysterious planet for a while, and can help Cordy reach the big rocket in the sky to continue his quest to explore new planets.

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[New Game] Tongue Tied! Puts Slapstick Humor, Physics Twist On Platforming Genre

Tongue Tied, a young yet popular game for iOS has finally gotten the Android treatment from its creators at Mojo Bones Ltd, bringing the slapstick physics/platforming game to Android users everywhere today.

Tongue Tied fuses physics and platform gameplay styles with the wacky story of two dogs (Mick and Ralph) who are literally tongue tied. As shown in the video above, players can expect to bounce, swing, and jump through about 60 levels "in search of the elusive WonderBone."

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Besides offering dozens of levels to play through, Tongue Tied has score-based medals for each level, as well as 33 extra challenges with "some of the most interesting unlockables you're likely to see!" Adding even more to the game's replay value are trick and bonus scoring systems, allowing advanced players to be rewarded for traversing each level with extra panache.

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[New Game] OrangePixel's "INC" Is An 8-Bit Platform/Shooter for $2.75

Orange Pixel, creators of the well-received "Meganoid", just released a platform/shooter called "INC".

There are 40 levels of robot blasting action, and 8-bit styling and sound effects. It's sort of like Mega Man. The description claims "hard-but-fair gameplay," so there's retro difficulty to go along with those retro graphics. Xperia Play owners will be glad to hear that all their fancy buttons are supported (like you couldn't tell from the giant video thumbnail).

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[Review] Bloo Kid Would Like To Think It's A Throwback To "The Classics" - Too Bad It's The Same Old Crap

Bloo Kid is a throwback to the older, 8-to-16-bit art style of the days of gaming yore. As the aforementioned Bloo Kid, you traverse levels that only take up one screen, killing enemies until they stop spawning. There is no scrolling involved, which I suppose is meant to be part of its "old school" design. Health is handled by Zelda-style hearts.

To add incentive along the way (and to unlock further levels) you are tasked to hunt for stars: one for killing all enemies, one for surviving without getting hit, and another that arbitrarily shows up before the level ends.

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[New Game Review] Roboto Brings High-Quality Cel-Shading To Android In A Fun Platformer: Who's Ready To Hoverboard?

Platform games seem to be in short supply on Android. Aside from a few standouts (like Replica Island), they don't seem to be the type of game one equates with success on a mobile platform. They usually have trouble combining tight controls, fun concepts and longevity into one package.


However, this game, Roboto, looks to change that. Coming at us from developer Fenix Fire, Roboto tells us a story about a teen robot (above, in blue) in love, who is trying to find his way to his sweetie to...

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[Review] Diversion Surprises Us With Simple Platforming And Investment-Free Gameplay

Alright, I know what you might be thinking when you look at this game: "What's Matt thinking? Doesn't he know a hastily-churned out app when he sees one?"


That was the first impression I had when I was downloading this game, as well - Diversion's art style and woefully-specific name had me pessimistic. However, I was a bit surprised at how well this game actually plays; while it's not for everyone, it is actually kind of fun in small bursts.

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