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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated—Marshmallow Creeps Upward And Lollipop Sees A Big Jump

It's the beginning of the month, and that means Android platform distribution numbers have been updated. It's also yet another opportunity to wonder who is still using Froyo? Android 2.2 remains steady at 0.2%, but everything else has moved at least a little. Both Marshmallow and Lollipop have moved up, and everyone else is down.

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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated—Marshmallow Now At 0.5% And Froyo Just Won't Die

Google has updated the developer dashboard again, and that means new version stats. It wasn't a month of big changes, but Marshmallow and Lollipop both had respectable gains. Meanwhile, Froyo continues to cling to life on 0.2% of devices.

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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated—Android 5.1 Gains As Everything Else Falls Or Holds Steady

It's that time of month again—yes, Google has updated the developer dashboard with new platform distribution numbers. A surprising twist this month is that 5.0 variants of Android have gone down slightly. In fact, everything has gone down, with the notable exception of Android 5.1. That one is up almost 3%.

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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated, Lollipop Now On 21% Of Devices

It was starting to look like Google was going to skip another month of dashboard updates, but the platform distribution numbers have just been posted. No surprise, Lollipop continues to grow, just in time for Marshmallow to start rolling out. KitKat is still the largest piece of the pie, though.

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Android Platform Version Distribution Numbers For June And July Now Up - Lollipop Up To 18.1% Of All Devices

The new Android platform version distribution numbers are up on Google's developer site, and given no data was published during the month of July, that means we've got two months of change. Lollipop continues to climb - it's up from 12.4% a full 5.7 points, now at 18.1% of all devices. KitKat actually hasn't lost much traction because of that, and actually grew a tenth of a point, now at 39.3% of all devices versus 39.2% two months ago.

Android version stats, August 2015

Android versionPrevious data (%)Current data (%)Change (pp)

The real loser is Jelly Bean, down 3.8 points, with Ice Cream Sandwich down 1, Gingerbread down 1, and Froyo hanging steady at 0.3% (diediedie).

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Platform Distribution Numbers Updated—Lollipop Jumps To Nearly 10%, KitKat Dips Below 40%

Google's monthly platform distribution numbers are in, and there's finally a respectable showing for Lollipop. Meanwhile, the remainder of the versions ticked downward as the Android device ecosystem marches slowly into the future.

2015-05-04 16_52_22-Dashboards _ Android Developers

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Platform Distribution Numbers Updated—Android 5.1 Already On the Board With 0.4% While 5.0 Gains 1.7%

Google has finally updated the platform distribution numbers a little later in the month than usual, and there's been very little movement since last time. The most notable change is Android 5.1's surprise appearance. It's running on 0.4% of active devices already.

2015-04-08 01_41_08-Dashboards _ Android Developers

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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated, Lollipop More Than Doubles To 3.3% As Android 4.3 And Below Slowly Lose Ground

It's only been a month since Lollipop made its debut on the platform distribution chart, and it's making decent headway. Android 5.0 more than doubled its standing, bringing the total from 1.6% to 3.3%. Most of this bump can be attributed to firmware updates that have been rolling out to 2014's flagship phones and tablets. Surprisingly, KitKat also increased its hold by 1.2%, totaling 40.9% of all Android devices.


Since Lollipop and KitKat only account for a combined 2.9% shift, most of the remaining versions of Android lost ground pretty evenly. Jelly Bean 4.1 took the largest hit, losing a full 1.1%.

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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated, Lollipop Finally Shows Up At 1.6%

Last month's platform distribution numbers were a bit of a surprise in that Lollipop hadn't even broken the 0.1% threshold required for inclusion in the data. That changes this month, but adoption is still slow. Android 5.0 is showing up at 1.6% usage share, with very little movement elsewhere.

2015-02-02 13_40_59-Dashboards _ Android Developers

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Google Updates Android Platform Distribution Numbers, KitKat Shows Big Gains And Lollipop Still Doesn't Make The Cut

The developer dashboard has been updated, and there's some big movement this month. In the post holiday window, KitKat is up a healthy 5.2% and Gingerbread drops another 1.3%. One thing you won't see on the chart is Lollipop. Android 5.0 still hasn't hit the 0.1% threshold to be included in the data, just like last month.

2015-01-07 11_20_00-Dashboards _ Android Developers

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