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June 2017 Android platform distribution stats see steady rise for Nougat and not much else

With another month of Android version stats released, Google's latest version of its mobile operating system saw predictable gains, ticking up a total of 2.4 points versus a little over a month ago. All other versions of the platform either held steady or declined, with Android 5.1 and 4.4 seeing the largest losses, at 0.7 points each.

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Android platform distribution, November 2016: Nougat shows up, Marshmallow surges to 24%

Android platform distributions for the first week of November are up, and Nougat has appeared... with 0.3% of the pie. But it's there! The only other really noteworthy change came from Marshmallow, which surged 5.3 points to 24% of total devices. As such, it seems likely that Marshmallow will unseat KitKat as the most common version of the Android platform next month, at least if we're counting by API level. If you're counting by whole-digit version, Lollipop is in the lead, and has been for some time.

But KitKat has held this position of dominance for, well, a really long time (probably around two years).

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Android platform distribution, September 2016: Marshmallow climbs, and not much else

September's platform distribution numbers for Android are now available, and... they're dully predictable. Marshmallow's growth returned to the levels we saw in July, gaining 3.5 points versus its position a month ago. Lollipop has returned to a net decline, with v5.0 losing a full point of the pie and 5.1's half-point increase not being able to make up for it. That means Lollipop, combined, is on 35% of all Android devices Google counted versus Marshmallow's 18.7%.

KitKat dropped 1.5 points, Jelly Bean (all versions) collectively dipped a meager 1.1 points, and Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread barely budged from their previous positions.

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Android platform distribution, August 2016: Modest Marshmallow gains, Lollipop losses reverse

Android's Platform Distribution chart has been updated for August, and this month brings little in the way of interesting change. Marshmallow has risen around 1.9 points, to 15.2% of installs, with Lollipop 5.0 and 5.1 actually netting a 0.4 point gain this time around. Last month, total Lollipop installs actually dropped around 0.3 points, meaning this month's increased numbers have actually reversed that change and then some. Given that 5.0 installs didn't actually grow - gains were made solely by v5.1 - it's not exactly clear what happened there. Perhaps a large number of devices have gone straight from KitKat to Android 5.1, though that's an awful strange time for a jump.

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Android platform distribution numbers updated for July with the biggest gains yet for Marshmallow

Google has updated the platform distribution numbers for July, which is a little later than usual. Was the wait worth it? Has Marshmallow rocketed to the top of the charts? Well no, but it did have a healthy gain of more than 3%—that's the best yet. Meanwhile, Froyo is still alive. Someone, somewhere is using Android 2.2, and that makes me sad.

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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated For June, Marshmallow Breaks 10% Adoption

Google has updated its platform distribution numbers today, and Marshmallow has taken a nice jump upward. The latest version of Android is now over 10% of active devices. Just in time for Android N to show up, right? Then there's Froyo, which stubbornly hangs on at 0.1% of the market.

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Updated May Platform Distribution Numbers Show Marshmallow As The Only Version Gaining, Now At 7.5%

It's the beginning of the month again, and that means it's time for Google to update the Android platform distribution numbers. We've been waiting ages for Froyo to die, but it lives on this month. However, Marshmallow continues to show strong performance as the only version gaining market share right now.

Here's the full breakdown of this month's numbers.

So, as you can see, Froyo is still sitting there at 0.1%, mocking us with its obsolescence.

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April Platform Distribution Numbers Updated—Marshmallow Doubles Again To 4.6%, Lollipop Holds Steady

Google has shared this month's look at how many users are accessing the Play Store using which versions of Android. The numbers probably won't surprise you. Marshmallow still sits at a low 4.6%. Lollipop's numbers have barely budged in either direction.

Except, as small a slice as Marshmallow may have, it's twice as large as it was last month. This is also the largest jump since Android 6.0 first launched.

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March Platform Distribution Numbers Updated—Marshmallow Nearly Doubles To 2.3%, Lollipop Continues To Grow

Google has updated its platform distribution numbers today, showing a nice increase for Android 6.0, but Lollipop is still ticking upward too. As for our Froyo deathwatch, the watch continues as Android 2.2 is holding on at 0.1%.

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February Platform Distribution Numbers Updated Showing Gains For Lollipop And Marshmallow, And Froyo Finally Drops To 0.1%

Google has released new platform distribution numbers, and if you're anything like me, you immediately want to know if Froyo is dead yet. Well, it's not dead, but usage has ticked downward for the first time in ages. Lollipop and Marshmallow saw some nice upward movement too, while everything else was down.

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