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Tips: Google Lens in Photos can now identify animals and plants, and be used on ChromeOS

A couple of days ago we learned that Google Lens was now rolling out to everyone inside Google Photos (and to more devices with Assistant), and one side-effect of that universal availability is it now works in ChromeOS. Aside from that, the promised identification of plants and animals is now active.

First, as discovered by Chrome Unboxed, you can download the Google Photos Android app on any Chromebook and use Lens inside it. It's a simple solution to not having a Pixelbook and one that should allow you to discover things inside your photos without having to reach for your phone first.

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[Hands-On] Waterbot Helps You Remember To Water Your Plants, Never Lets A Flower Go Thirsty Again

Plants have needs. While we could argue all day long if talking to your plants yields actual results, there's no controversy surrounding the fact that plants need water. Forget to bathe them for a few days too many and watch how quickly those lively green leaves turn brown with neglect. So if you're prone to ignoring the potted inhabitants of your household, Waterbot is a free app that can help you give them the care and attention they need.

What It Does

Waterbot helps you track all of the plants in your home or garden and shoots out notifications whenever it's time to make the rounds.

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Eden To Green Launches On Android After Dropping Extraneous E's, Exclusive To Canada At First

Over a year ago, NVIDIA gave us a tease of some sweet-looking games coming to the Tegra 3 platform. Now that all eyes are on the Tegra 4, one of those games, Eden to GREEEEN Green has arrived on Android with a much more sensible name. This title is set in a world where a plant-based civilization has to defend Eden from an army of robots who want to steal all the Euphoria. As machines do.

The developer joined up with Zynga for publishing (which may give us some insight into how its in-app purchase scheme will work). This is only a soft launch to start off with, releasing exclusively in Canada for an undisclosed period of time.

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Begun, The Market Wars Have: Plants vs. Zombies Coming Exclusively To Amazon App Store May 30

Are you ready for some Plants vs. Zombies? We know you've been waiting for it (I certainly have). Just a little bit longer: Plants vs. Zombies will be available on the Amazon App Store starting late this month (presumably May 30 or 31) for the low, low price of free. The app will be free on its debut-day (May 30), then for 2 weeks will be exclusively available on the Amazon App Store, in a deal similar to that which Rovio had with Amazon upon the release of Angry Birds Rio.

PopCap games, the developer of Plants vs. Zombies, has also revealed that the developer's second most popular title, Chuzzle, will be hitting the Amazon App Store tomorrow.

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Love Yourself Some Plants Vs Zombies On Your Android Device? Leave Devil Alone Is A Very Decent Clone That Just Hit The Market

Plants Vs Zombies

I loved Plants Vs Zombies on my PC. LOVED it. I don't get excited by games much anymore but Plants Vs Zombies by PopCap captured my full attention for weeks when it just came out a couple of years back. A version for the iPhone came out later and enjoyed similar success to the original game. PopCap's Android page, however, has been quite empty. Literally:


Will PopCap ever release an Android variant? It's possible, but in the meantime, we have to quench our PvZ thirst by finding existing alternatives in the Market.

Leave Devil Alone

A few days ago, a new game called Leave Devil Alone by a relatively unknown publisher GZORZ showed up in the new releases section of the Android Market.

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