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Plague Inc is getting a mode that lets you save the world from a virus instead of spreading it

Ndemic Creations has been in the news a bunch lately, all because the developer made a game about a virus outbreak eight years ago. Back in February, Plague Inc was banned by the Cyberspace Administration of China during the coronavirus outbreak in the country. While the administration never confirmed a reason for banning the game, it was pretty clear the country's government wasn't a fan of a game where infecting the world with a virus is the goal. Well, as an answer to these strange events, Ndemic Creations has announced that a new mode is in the works for Plague Inc, and this time around, you'll be able to save the world from a virus instead of being tasked to infect it.

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Rebel Inc. is the spiritual successor to Plague Inc, and it's officially available on Android

Ndemic Creations launched Rebel Inc. on iOS on December 6th, 2018, and today it has finally arrived on the Google Play Store. If you're unfamiliar with the title, it's basically the spiritual successor to Plague Inc, a highly-popular pandemic simulator from Ndemic Creations that was released all the way back in 2012. Much like its predecessor Rebel Inc. is a strategy game, but this time around instead of spreading an infectious disease around the world you're tasked with stabilizing five regions through political and military might.

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Plague Inc. Has Arrived On Android, Now Your iOS Buddies Aren't The Only Ones Who Can Infect The World With Deadly Diseases

Even if you haven't played it before, there's a decent chance you've seen Plague Inc. around the internet. Usually, it involves seeing a screenshot that informs you your mom has killed thousands of people. If you've ever wondered how you—yes, you!—can also create silly-named diseases that annihilate Earth's population with your Android phone, the answer has arrived! Go here, download the game, then spend 15 minutes staring at the screen trying to come up with something clever. Fair warning: "BieberFever" has already been done to death.

Of course, there is actually a game part to this game. The action is rather slow-going at first, but that's the point.

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