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[Update: Google clarifies] Google is forcing reminders to go through Assistant

A few days ago, we told you about one big improvement with Google's reminders, which now finally use unbundled notifications and let you act on each one separately. Part of that article also showed off a new interface for reminders, which looks more in line with Google's recent Material Design approach. However, there are a few other aspects in that interface that we didn't delve into, chief among them is the fact that Google's reminders now require Assistant and won't work without it.

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Reminders are starting to show up in Google Assistant and Home's settings

For the longest time, it seemed like there was no sense in the madness for the way Google displays different things and settings between the Feed, Assistant, Search, and other entities, but I'm starting to spot a pattern where all of the Assistant-related features are being moved to the Assistant. Today's news falls right into that scope: Reminders are now shown along with other Assistant settings such as Shortcuts, Purchases, Home control, and more.

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