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Domino's Zero Click App Automatically Orders A Pizza When You Open It

It's the age-old quandary of all mankind—pizza is great, but it's too hard to order. I mean, phone calls, web orders, and even apps require too much effort. All that clicking and tapping; it just stands between you and pizza. Well, Domino's is making ordering a pizza so easy you could almost do it by accident (and you might). Just open Zero Click and Domino's will bring you a pizza.

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Pizza Compass Is The One Android (And Android Wear) App That Every College Student Needs

It's entirely possible to find the nearest pizza restaurant using Google Maps. Or Yelp. Or even just searching in the browser of your choice. But why would you go to all that trouble when something like Pizza Compass exists? It's both a compass that uses pizza as its needle, and a compass that points you to pizza. It's deep, man. So deep it's overflowing with pepperoni and onions like a Chicago pie. I really wish I hadn't eaten before I started writing this post.

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What were we talking about? Oh yes, Pizza Compass. This app has exactly one function: it points you to pizza.

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Domino's Pizza Introduces App For US Customers – Create, Order, And Track Pizzas From Anywhere

After releasing apps for both UK/Ireland and Australia/New Zealand markets, Domino's Pizza has finally introduced an official app for Android users in the US, bringing the aptly named Domino's Pizza USA app to the Android Market recently.

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The app has all the functionality of the pizza maker's online ordering system, with a streamlined, intuitive interface. Users can view the national menu, order from nearly 5,000 locations, and even find location-specific coupons.

The Domino's Pizza USA app also allows users to pay for their pizza via in-app purchase, and remembers location and other preferences (meaning you'll never have to log in).

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[New App] Papa John's Makes Ordering Pizza A Cinch With Official Android App

Calling in a pizza order is so last decade. Pizza places don't even have phone lines anymore, do they? Didn't think so. Papa John's Pizza, the self proclaimed "leader in desktop and mobile web ordering," just stepped up their game, introducing an official app to the Android Market. Now ordering your Papa favorites is easier than ever, and with the new app you'll have access to everything that can be found on the actual website right at your fingertips.

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I know that when I have pizza on my mind, I want to hear the delivery guy pulling up right after I complete the order.

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Hot Out Of The Oven: Pizza Hut Serves Up An Android App


You love pizza, right? And we all know you love Android... but now you can have some sort of socially acceptable ménage à trois with the two. If you interpreted that sentence as "Pizza Hut dropped an official app in the Android Market," then you are totally right!

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With the official app you can order from the full Pizza Hut menu on the go, take advantage of special coupons and deals, and keep a quick list of all of your favorites for those I-need-to-get-pizza-right-now moments. Unfortunately, this app is US only as of right now, so all non-US residents are going to have to stick with the old-school way of ordering pizza: calling.

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