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Nexus and Pixel factory images for September's security patch are up, minus Nexus Player

It's September, and however you might feel about that, one thing is certain: Google's going to release its monthly security updates. While the OTAs were pushed yesterday, downloads for the factory images and OTAs weren't available until just now. So if you've been champing at the bit looking for a fix for BlueBorne and haven't seen the update on your device, you can go on ahead and manually pull it down.

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Pixels on Oreo are disabling mobile data on some carriers, Google looking into a fix

Android 8.0 has started to roll out to Nexus and Pixel devices, but not everyone is happy with the update. The update has a bug that seems to cause the phone to disable mobile data prematurely on some carriers. There's already an extensive thread on the Google product forums, and a Googler has replied to say a fix is in the works.

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Google added YouTube HDR support to the Pixels entirely in software

A few smartphones and tablets have launched with support for HDR video, but the Google Pixel and Pixel XL were not among them. Google enabled HDR playback in YouTube recently and apparently didn't like that its own phones were going to be left out of the fun. We were surprised to see the Pixels show up on the supported list, so we asked Google what was going on. It turns out the Pixels are doing YouTube HDR in software.

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Google teams up with uBreakiFix to offer free Pixel repairs to those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Google partnered with electronics repair chain uBreakiFix when the Pixel launched last year to provide same-day repairs for basic issues like cracked screens. Now, Google and uBreakiFix are looking to relieve at least a little stress for Pixel owners in the Houston area who have been hit by Hurricane Harvey. If you live in Houston and have a broken Pixel, uBreakiFix will fix it for free.

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Google's new 'Data Transfer Tool' shows up in the Play Store, likely a Pixel 2 system app

Going by last year's timing, we can probably expect this year's Pixel phones sometime next month. Likely in preparation for the launch, Google has uploaded a new 'Data Transfer Tool' app to the Play Store, which appears to be a system app for the next Pixel phones.

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[Update: September security patches still to come] Google releases Android's September security bulletin, new images and OTAs to follow

The September 2017 Android security update is here, and the bulletin contains the usual details about vulnerabilities that could be affecting various Android devices. Images and OTAs that include the September patches should protect against any possible issues, but so far they're only available for the Nexus 9 on Android 7.1.1. There are no Android 8.0 Oreo images with September patches for Pixel or Nexus devices live yet, but it shouldn't be too long before they are added.

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon's Ultra Power battery case for Pixel down to $27.99 ($13 off), Pixel XL case is $41.99 ($16 off)

Phone batteries keep getting smaller and smaller, but if you need a little more juice in day-to-day usage, an extended battery case is one option. ZeroLemon is known for making great battery cases, and the company's Pixel and Pixel XL cases are at an all-time low on Amazon. The Pixel case is now $27.99, and the Pixel XL case is $41.99 (once you factor in the 30% coupon for each). That's a $13 and $16 reduction in price respectively from the usual cost.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished 32GB Google Pixel XL for $409.99 at Daily Steals with our exclusive $40 off coupon

I know, I know. Usually, we don't do deals on refurbished phones. But this is a really excellent one. Right now you can grab a 32GB refurb Pixel XL for just $409.99 over at Daily Steals thanks to our exclusive $40-off coupon. That's a savings of $359 compared to a new unit from Google, an insane 46% off. Even better, for every phone bought, Daily Steals will donate a dollar (up to 10K) to help those struggling in Texas in the wake of the recent disaster. 

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Official Nexus/Pixel factory image and OTA pages updated with Oreo downloads

Android 8.0 Oreo made its official debut a little over a week ago, but since then, only devices enrolled in the Android Beta Program have received an official OTA to 8.0. Verizon Pixel phones began receiving the official version earlier today, but it looks like other devices haven't been as fortunate. Luckily, Google has just uploaded factory images and OTAs for Nexus and Pixel devices to their respective pages.

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Verizon starts rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo to its Pixels

When Google announced that it was selling the Pixel and Pixel XL on Verizon, many on Big Red still opted to buy the phone straight from Google. The concern was that the Verizon model would have delayed updates, as a result of the often-slow process of carrier update approval.

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