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The Pixel and Pixel XL's cameras do not have optical image stabilization (OIS)

Considering the Pixel's score of 89 by DxOMark, Google is clearly pushing the camera as a major selling point. However, contrary to what was rumored and what was stated on Carphone Warehouse's spec sheets, Google's latest phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, do not have optical image stabilization (OIS) built into their main cameras.

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Pixel will be Verizon carrier exclusive in the US, pre-orders get free Daydream View headsets

Well, it's official - Verizon is the only carrier in the United States that will be carrying the Pixel phones. If the rumors from two months ago didn't convince you, the leak from late last night surely did. Verizon will also give free Daydream View VR headsets to Pixel buyers.

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Pixel and Pixel XL pre-orders are live on the Google Store

Now is the moment you've been waiting for—you can throw a ton of money at Google to secure your Pixel or Pixel XL. The listing is live on the Google Store, which also gives us a full rundown of pricing. The Pixel starts at $649 and the Pixel XL starts at $769. Yeah, they are spendy phones.

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The Google Store offers financing and protection plans for the Pixel and Pixel XL starting at $27 a month

Google's new Pixel phones aren't the developer-friendly devices that the Nexus phones were, and they aren't priced like them, either. The Pixel starts at a whopping $649 for the standard 5-inch 32GB version. A 128GB upgrade costs an extra hundred bucks ($749), and the Pixel XL is $120 more expensive at both capacities, $769 and $869, respectively. Google has added financing options to the Google Store, very much like US and international carriers, to help with the sticker shock. Customers can spread that price over 24 monthly payments. The cheapest option is $27.04 a month.

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Google makes the Pixel phones official, pricing starts at $649

Google's annual phone announcements are always leaky, but this year we had the extra complication of the Pixel re-branding. Well, now it's all out in the open. Google has made the Pixel official, and it looks like the leaks were dead-on. These are aluminum unibody devices, available in three different colors, and the pricing is much more "premium" than the Nexus devices were. Go big or go home, I guess.

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Canadian carrier Rogers says Google Pixel is coming on October 20th

Leaks often happen right up to the last minute when a big announcement is happening, and today is no exception. Canadian carrier Rogers has posted on Facebook that the Pixel and Pixel XL are launching on October 20th. That's Canada, but I'd wager on the US date being the same. Will you be able to survive a few more weeks?

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Google releases advertisement for Pixel phones in Canada, hours before the event

Apparently, Google couldn't wait a few more hours for their own event (9am PDT in California, by the way) and decided to leak their own phones via an advertisement in Canada. The ad is a minute long and doesn't show us much that we didn't know, save for an interesting URL at the end.

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[Update: Quite Black too] Verizon and @evleaks reveal even more of the Pixel and Pixel XL, show off Really Blue and "Google Magic"

We know, we know, there are only a few more hours until the Google event, but details about the Pixel phones just keep on spilling. Our latest peeks come courtesy of Verizon Enterprises, which, as you can probably tell from the name, sells smartphones and plans to businesses, and prolific tech leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks). On Verizon's site, both Pixel and Pixel XL listings showed up on the "SmartPhones" page, but they didn't lead to any live listings; however, there's still some info we've gleaned.

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Pixel phone listings appear at Carphone Warehouse, offering new shots and more info

Carphone Warehouse has already made their store listings for the Pixel and Pixel XL live, showcasing the devices in more pictures and confirming specifications previously only rumored. These aren't leaks anymore - these are actual listings for the new devices. Granted, all of this is subject to change until the official announcement in two days, but most of these specifications have already been leaked.

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Weekend poll: Pixel or Pixel XL?

We know just about all there is to know about the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL. Well, except exactly how much each model will cost - that one has remained elusive, even as we're a mere two days from the official launch. But hardware-wise, we know Google's new top-tier devices will feature Snapdragon 821 chipsets, likely four-carrier US compatibility, 32 or 128GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, 12MP and 8MP rear and front cameras, USB-C ports, and 5 and 5.5" displays. The only real differences will come in regard to price, display resolution and size, and battery capacity.

The smaller Pixel is expected to start at $649 for the 32GB model.

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