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Google explains the software that makes the Pixel's camera so impressive

The Pixel's review embargo just lifted earlier today, and reviewers have been very impressed with both the speed of the phone's 12.3MP shooter and the quality that its images capture. In his review of the Pixel, David said it has "the best smartphone camera on the market." Marc Levoy, the lead of a computational photography team at Google Research, discussed with The Verge just how much the software assists in making the Pixel's camera so damn good.

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Australian carrier Telstra accidentally ships Pixel pre-orders a week early

Living in Australia seems rough. Not only does every animal on the continent want to kill you, but you usually have to wait longer to get your hands on new electronics gadgets than folks in other regions. Google's Pixel launch is an exception, though. Pre-orders are live via the Google Store and on carrier Telstra, and the carrier managed to screw that up in the best way possible by sending out pre-orders a week early.

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Google pushing Pixel pre-orders with popup on Google homepage

Google really, really wants you to pre-order a pixel, or at least to be aware that it exists. If you head to the Google homepage, you very well may see a popup encouraging you to pre-order the Pixel. Forget for a minute that most variants of the Pixel are sold out—Google is getting as much attention as possible for this phone.

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Verizon and Google confirm Wi-Fi calling and HD voice will work with Pixel phones from Google Store

With the launch of Google's Pixel devices, consumers have to make the choice to buy from Verizon, the Google Store, or Project Fi. Unlocked phones sold outside the carrier sometimes don't work with carrier-specific features, like Wi-Fi calling. Thankfully, both Verizon and Google have confirmed to Android Police that all Pixel phones will work with Wi-Fi calling and HD voice on Verizon.

Google's statement says that even Pixel phones purchased through Project Fi will work fine with those features. This essentially means there is no reason to buy a Pixel phone through Verizon, as they will work identically. Buying the Pixel from them actually has some downsides, namely the locked bootloader.

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Redditor with a Pixel XL does an AMA, confirms reboot button and excellent EIS in video

Most of us are still waiting for our Pixels to arrive, but one redditor, /u/TCATS5986 already has one, and in true reddit fashion has created an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on it. In the process, he's confirmed previously reported things such as the presence of a reboot option and some pretty outstanding electronic image stabilization in video, which you can see below.

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Pixel and Google Fall event rumor and leak fact check: Where were we right, where were we wrong?

Android Police has posted a rather exhaustive set of rumors over the past few months about Google's Pixel phones and other hardware that was unveiled at Google's October 4th event. We think that, now that we have most of the details, it's time to do a post-mortem on our coverage, and pull it all together into one place. We'll be going through this [roughly] chronologically and by two categories: Pixel phones... and everything else. Let's get started with the Pixel phones.

Pixel and Pixel XL

Marlin and Sailfish "Nexus" phones

Our rumors regarding these phones begin way back in April, nearly six months ago.

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Google Keyboard v5.2 from the Pixel system dump has new Pixel themes and other minor tweaks [APK Download]

The Google Pixel phones aren't coming out for a few weeks yet, but some system dumps are available for closer inspection already. Among the myriad of APKs pulled out of that, there's a new version of Google Keyboard. It's version 5.2, and includes two new Pixel themes, as well as a few little tweaks.

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PSA: Pixel and Pixel XL do not work with Google's USB-C to HDMI dongle

Even in a world with Chromecasts and other streaming devices, it's often just easier to plug your phone directly into your TV with an HDMI cable and an adapter. Some people depend on this functionality quite a bit, and for those of you that do, it might not please you to hear that Google's Pixel smartphones will not support the company's own USB Type-C to HDMI adapter.

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System dumps for Pixel and Pixel XL are available for download

Google will be shipping the Pixel and Pixel XL in a few weeks, but you can download the system dumps from the phones right now. Developer and occasional leaker LlabTooFeR has posted the files online, but don't get excited thinking these dumps will let you install Android 7.1 on your device. This is still a chance to get a look at the Pixel's software a little early, though.

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Google will have a Pixel popup store on October 20th in New York

Are you just dying to get your hands on Google's new Pixel phones? Well, you might be able to do so a little early if you live in New York. Google will have a popup store for its new devices on October 20th in the Big Apple.

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