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Google Earth and Trends Live Cases for Pixel are now available

Google had several variants of the new Live Cases for the Pixel ready to go on day-one, but the unannounced Google Earth and Google Trends variants showed up on Verizon's site unexpectedly a few days ago. Now, Google has announced they are officially available for sale. Well, some of them.

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Steam multiplayer favorite Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes comes to Daydream VR

Remember that scene from every action movie ever, where the headstrong but academically challenged hero has to be walked through an on-the-job lesson in bomb defusal by the specialist on the other end of the radio/phone/hyperspace ansible connection? Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is basically that experience, set up for two players (the on-the-job hero and remote specialist), and designed to create the maximum amount of tension possible. It debuted on Steam last year, but now it's available on the Play Store for early Daydream VR users.

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Google's Device Art Generator updated with Pixel & Pixel XL frames

If you're into framing screenshots with beautiful device art, the process really doesn't get much easier than using Google's official Device Art Generator. Perennially updated with the latest Google devices, the tool started its life as part of Roman Nurik's indispensable Android Asset Studio project, but since graduated to the official Android developers site.

The latest update to the generator, if you haven't guessed, includes frames for the Pixel and Pixel XL. Also at the top of the lineup are the Android Wear, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P frames. The "older devices" selection has over time been pared down to just the Nexus 6 and 9.

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[SuperWIN] SuperSU and TWRP play nice together on the Pixels

The Pixel smartphones' new partition system and boot images have been a hot mess for developers and tinkerers who like to push their devices beyond the specs written on the shipping box. But even though this has slowed down the release of custom recoveries and other mods, it hasn't completely stopped our beloved enterprising developers who probably thought of the whole situation as a nice challenge instead of an unsurmountable obstacle.

Just yesterday, Ethan Yonker (Dees Troy) released an early alpha of custom recovery TWRP for the Pixel devices, but that created a problem for those who were using the boot-to-root images made by Chainfire for the Pixels.

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Early alpha version of TWRP for Pixels released after work done to combat file-based encryption

It's just under a month after the brand new Pixel devices came out, so naturally developers and custom ROM makers have been hard at work building their wares for the new phones. Included in this is TWRP, the most popular custom recovery for Android (RIP ClockworkMod).

TWRP for the Pixel and Pixel XL is still in alpha format, meaning it is still buggy and should not be used if you're not aware of what you're doing. Specifically, restoring data is not working correctly, because of the new file-based encryption (which enables Direct Boot) that the Pixels employ. TWRP's lead developer Ethan Yonker says in a Google+ post that, "If a restore doesn't work correctly, it can trigger an automatic wipe of your data," which doesn't sound like fun at all.

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Codes for free Daydream View VR headsets are going out for Pixel pre-orderers

Google first revealed that Pixel pre-orderers would receive Daydream Views free of charge at last month's Pixel unveiling, and now, there's finally some movement; promo codes for the VR headsets are being sent out via email to customers who pre-ordered via the Google Store.

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The Google Store now offers OtterBox Defender cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL

OtterBox is one of those products that has a fairly niche appeal, at least for its original practically bomb-proof protective cases, but does its job so well that people keep coming back. The company has been making a mint off of its durable Defender series, and it hasn't wasted any time bringing out new versions for Google's Pixel and Pixel XL flagships.

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New Jeremy Scott Live Cases are now available in the Google Store

The list of available Live Cases for the Pixels and last year's Nexus phones continues to grow. Today, we see new entries from artist Jeremy Scott go live in the Google Store. Known for his fashion designs, Scott has brought his unique aesthetic to the Live Case lineup.

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Pixels seem to be having trouble with LTE band 4 connectivity, possibly other bands, around the world

Google's Pixels are advertised as supporting LTE band 4, an AWS frequency. The band is commonly used throughout North and South America, and a number of readers from both continents have gotten in touch to let us know the Google Pixels are having difficulty with this band which, in some regions on some operators, is basically the only LTE signal available to subscribers. A Google Product Forums thread where these problems are being discussed can be found here.

Users in other countries have reported LTE issues on other bands, but band 4 is currently the source of most complaints, and we can't verify that reports of other bands not connecting are widespread.

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Google: The Really blue Pixel will be restocked on the US Google Store

Google's Pixel went up for pre-order on October 4th, and the first versions to sell out were the limited edition Really blue finish (a temporary US exclusive). Within hours of the phones' announcement, in fact, there were no more Really blue Pixels to be had. Since then, they've never come back in stock (at least not for any appreciable time we're aware of), and many people have begun to assume that the brief first wave of sales was the end of the road for Really blue after all.

Not so, according to Google. After a reader reached out to tell us they had heard from a Google product manager that the Really blue device was no longer on sale and would not be restocked, we got in touch with the company.

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