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Weekend poll: Pixel owners, have you received the January update yet?

Although Google's Pixels are known for their frequency of software updates, many owners have had difficulty pulling them down in recent months, especially in the case of the latest Pixel 4. Following an especially slow rollout for the big December "feature drop" update, Google promised that January would deliver a "joint" update that might fix things. With that update rolling out a week ago, We're curious to know if it's landed on your Pixel yet.

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December Pixel updates land: 2016 Pixels get last patches, Pixel 4 conspicuously absent (Update: Image and OTA downloads)

December's monthly security patches are here for Google's Pixel phones — or, at least, most of them. While the 2016 Pixels are getting what Google previously claimed would be their very last update after the two phones missed November's patches, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL are curiously late to the party, with no images posted just yet. Most confusingly, though, Google is apparently breaking out its Pixel-specific functional patch notes this month, which often describe useful or noteworthy feature changes and tweaks.

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