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[Update: Confirmation] Report: Google gives up on making its own tablets

According to a recently-published report by Computerworld, Google is "officially done" making tablets. This follows in the wake of last year's poorly-received Chrome OS-powered Pixel Slate, and subsequent rumors of downsizing the hardware division responsible. This will not affect the division responsible for the Pixel phones, and Google still apparently has plans for future laptop-style devices.

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A Google Pixelbook tablet seems imminent - here's what it needs to succeed

Rumors that Google will be launching a second-generation Pixelbook device this fall have recently begun to converge in a convincing way. Evan Blass - along with Kevin Tofel over at About Chromebooks - have provided the most compelling evidence yet. Blass, a very reliable leaker, says that Google will launch the device before the end of the year (he's usually right). Tofel, looking at commits for a device in the Chrome repositories codenamed 'Atlas,' discovered it is the only ChromeOS device aside from the current Pixelbook without an SD card slot. Finally, Chrome Unboxed spotted a commit showing that Atlas is booting on an image from the current Pixelbook.

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The Pixel C Is Official, Available 'In The Coming Months' Starting At $499

Yesterday, we broke news of the Pixel C, an upcoming premium tablet from Google that would run Android and carry the company's high-end Pixel name. Today, the company has made that device official. Meet the Pixel C.

Up to this point, the only Pixel products we've seen have been running Chrome OS, so the move to Android is a slight transition, but it's not one that doesn't make sense. In fact, this a great way to expand the Pixel line into something more than just Chromebooks and turn it into a premium name that runs parallel to the Nexus program.

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