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Google is offering Stadia Premiere Edition for just $79 to select Chromebook owners

Stadia Premiere Edition launched last year for the price of $129. It was a lot of fun when we reviewed it. Since then, it's been discounted down to just $99. But if that wasn't enough to sway you, Google is currently offering Stadia Premiere Edition for a mere $79 — as long as you've got a Pixelbook, Pixelbook Go, or Pixel Slate handy.

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The Pixel Slate with the Brydge keyboard is the best Chromebook you can buy around $500 right now

Google reportedly decided to call it quits on tablets (again) after the Pixel Slate failed to take off, but after several Chrome OS updates and a few price drops, it's a great device. With many popular Chromebooks currently out of stock from everyone buying laptops right now, the Pixel Slate is a better option than ever.

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Google's Pixel Slate tablet discounted to $499 ($300 off), includes free pen and keyboard

For as flawed a Chromebook as it is, the Pixel Slate may still be your future second computing option. But when the Google Store and other retailers have kept the tablet along with its accessories have kept close to their full price into 2020, perhaps you probably ruled it out. Well, what if you could pick up the whole kit and kaboodle starting at just $499? You can now.

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Chrome OS 81 redesigns Chrome tab UI for tablets

Google has gradually been improving the tablet experience on Chrome OS over the last few months, adding Android 10 inspired gesture navigation back in January. In Chrome OS 81, which has now entered into the Beta channel, Google continues that trend with a redesigned UI for Chrome tabs.

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Pixel Slate shipments from Black Friday have been delayed for more than a month, but the wait should be over soon

The Pixel Slate may not be the most beloved Chrome OS device out there, but when prices plummeted during Black Friday last year, a lot of people still decided to give Google's tablet/laptop hybrid a go. Unfortunately, it looks like not only the device itself is a beautiful mess, but its distribution is subpar as well, as many are still waiting for their discounted Slate to ship more than a month after purchasing it. They might finally receive their order this month though, judging from an email Google sent to a Redditor.

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All models of the Pixel Slate are back to Black Friday prices ($350 off), includes free keyboard and pen

Over the years, Google has slowly fleshed out its Pixel laptop lineup to meet a variety of form factors, most notably the 2-in-1 Pixelbook and the new clamshell Pixelbook Go. Then there's the Pixel Slate, Google's only tablet-first Chrome OS experience that can also be paired up with a keyboard. Right now, you can pick up a brand new Pixel Slate for $350 off Core m3 ($449), Core i5 ($649), and Core i7 ($1,249) models and receive a free Pixel Slate keyboard and Pixelbook pen ($298 value).

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Google Pixel Slate now as low as $450 ($350 off), keyboard and pen included

The Pixel Slate probably wasn't the wild success that Google hoped for, so much so that the company has given up on future Chrome OS tablets. Still, the Pixel Slate has its fans, and it just got its software support extended to June 2026. Now you can grab every model of the Slate for $350 off, and Google is throwing in a free pen and keyboard.

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Google teases Black Friday deals: $200 off Pixel 4, $100 off Pixel 3a, up to $648 off Pixel Slate bundle

With Black Friday less than two weeks away, retailers have already started discounting some items and teasing their full-blown deal extravaganza. Google is joining them today with its own early look: The entire Google Store front page has been themed with black and a list of upcoming sales is displayed below it.

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You'll have to spend $1,400 to get a 4K screen on the Pixelbook Go

The Pixelbook Go isn't exactly cheap with a starting price of $649, and it can get way, way more expensive than that. The highest-spec model, which has a Core i7 processor and 16 gigabytes of RAM, costs a whopping $1,399 — and it's the only SKU that comes with a 4K display.

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The Pixel Slate is effectively up to $450 off with this keyboard bundle deal


In a move that should come as a surprise no one, the Pixel Slate is on sale once again. At launch, the Pixel Slate wasn't exactly well received. Initial reviews, including our own, took issue with slow performance, unreliable Bluetooth connectivity, and an exorbitant price that made it hard to recommend. However, this latest promotion may tempt those who were initially interested in the Pixel Slate.

Only three models remain available for purchase after Google discontinued the sluggish, Celeron-powered entry level Pixel Slate. The remaining models, which include the Core m3, Core i5 and Core i7 variants have been discounted by several retailers.

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