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Seascapes category comes to Google Wallpapers on non-Pixel devices, renamed from 'Underwater' on Pixels

Google adds new wallpaper categories to its Wallpapers app fairly often, having added three less than a month ago. However, two of those three were exclusive to the Pixel lineup, meaning that regular folk couldn't have the same pictures displayed on their home screens for whatever reason. But now, the Underwater category has made its way to non-Pixel devices as 'Seascapes,' meaning that you, too, can have images of the sea on your phone.

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Google Wallpapers app adds new categories and wallpapers, most are Pixel-exclusive

Google's wallpaper app gets a refreshed collection every once in a while, but it's still pretty limited in what it offers. Today, however, marks the arrival of 3 new categories that should open up the app to more diverse wallpapers, plus a few new wallpapers in existing categories.

First, the new categories are Geometric Shapes, Underwater, and Keep Looking. Only the first one, which feels so Nexus 4, will show up on all devices, whereas the other two appear to be Pixel-exclusive for now. Sad, because I really wanted those underwater wallpapers.

Second, there are new wallpapers in different categories, but they also appear to be Pixel-exclusive for now.

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Google Lens will be a Pixel-exclusive feature at first, coming soon to Assistant and Photos

Google Lens is the machine learning-powered successor to Google Goggles, with the ability to search for whatever it can see through the camera. We've been hearing about it since Google I/O 2017, but today at the company's press event, even more details were shared about Lens.

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