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Pixel 2 camera curse continues — and it's spreading to newer Pixels

Pixel phones are renowned for stellar photography — when the camera app is working correctly. Pixel 2 owners, in particular, have complained about camera failures for a long time. We reported on it at the start of 2020, in fact. But even though the worst of this year is hopefully behind us, Pixel 2 users are still having camera problems — and things might be getting worse.

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Another Pixel 3 bug: Camera encountering 'fatal error' in third-party apps

Google's latest flagship may have a class-leading camera, but it isn't without its bugs, and now we have another to add to the list. Unfortunately for some, using the camera in third-party apps may trigger an error which disables the camera entirely until you reboot. Even the stock camera app is non-functional until you power cycle the phone.

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