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[The Android Police Podcast] Episode 179: The Nexus Super Show

Welcome back to another week of the Android Police Podcast. To catch us live on Hangouts On Air every Thursday at 5:30PM PST (subject to change as per the calendar widget below), just head over to For the unedited video show, click here (warning: this video is uncut). As always, we'll take your questions at 530-HELLO-AP and also at our email address: podcast at androidpolice dot com.

On this week's episode, it's the Nexus (and Pixel...

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Editorial: I Used The Pixel C, And It Seems Like A Pretty Bad Idea

There's no denying that the increased performance:power consumption ratio of CPUs has been benefiting laptops and tablets alike of late. Microsoft's Surface Pro series, Apple's new iPad Pro (a product I would also call pretty misguided, to be honest), the new MacBook, and a slew of Chromebooks are all doing things that would have been nigh-unthinkable five years ago in their respective form factors or price points. Also, tablet sales are down and the traditional tablet model doesn't seem to be working so well anymore. So, Google is apparently hip to this now and wants Android to get in on the action with its own mobile-feeling but laptop-grade-ish ultra-portable device.

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The Pixel C Is Official, Available 'In The Coming Months' Starting At $499

Yesterday, we broke news of the Pixel C, an upcoming premium tablet from Google that would run Android and carry the company's high-end Pixel name. Today, the company has made that device official. Meet the Pixel C.

Up to this point, the only Pixel products we've seen have been running Chrome OS, so the move to Android is a slight transition, but it's not one that doesn't make sense. In fact, this a great way to expand the Pixel line into something more than just Chromebooks and turn it into a premium name that runs parallel to the Nexus program.

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[Exclusive] Google Pixel C 10.2" Tablet With 308ppi, Detachable Keyboard, Lightbar, And Android Marshmallow Coming Later This Year

The Chromebook Pixel launched in 2013, and a replacement followed up in March of this year. Now Google plans to expand the Pixel brand to tablets with the Pixel C. And no, it won't be running Chrome OS.

Disclaimer: No matter the confidence level, there's always a chance product updates, features, and some or all details will be changed or cancelled altogether. As with all rumors, nothing is 100% until it's officially announced

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