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The 25% Developer Discount On The Pixel C Is Now Active In Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland

Remember that sweet 25% discount on the Pixel C tablet for "developers?" (Don't worry, you don't actually have to be a developer.) Originally it was only available to buyers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, but as of today it's been updated to apply to a handful of new counties. Customers in Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland can now take 25% off of the local currency price.

Remember that the discount requires a code, which may take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two to hit your inbox once you request it.

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[Update: Codes Going Out] Google Is Offering 25% Off Discount On Pixel C For Developers To Encourage Tablet Development

Google is celebrating the launch of the Android N developer preview today with... a deal? Well, a deal for developers, specifically on the Pixel C. Google is shaving 25% off the MSRP of the device for developers who request a discount code through this URL. However, it appears it's just for the 64GB variant - meaning you'll still pay $450. We're reaching out to Google to see if it applies to the 32GB version as well, but it doesn't look like it at this time.

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Upcoming Pixel C Update Will Offer Massive Improvement To Touchscreen Responsiveness, According To AnandTech

The Google Pixel C is a bit of a conundrum. It's a nice piece of hardware, but Android 6.0 still doesn't feel entirely at home on large tablets. This wasn't helped by some strange touchscreen issues that plagued many Pixel C units at launch. AnandTech has gotten some hands-on time with the next big Pixel C update and is reporting that the touchscreen is vastly improved.

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What We Use, 2016 Edition: The Stuff Cameron Can't Live Without

In 2012, we started a series called "What We Use," where we, the AP staff, talked about the stuff that we can't live without. It started off as something where we just discussed our Android devices and computers, but last year we took that a step further (at Artem's request, no less) and discussed a lot more than that, basically covering everything that we love in our lives. The most important stuff to us, as people.

It's been over a year since my last WWU post, and you probably know what that means: time for a new one. I actually really enjoy writing these posts, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Pixel C Review: A Great Tablet With The Wrong Operating System

I've long been an advocate for the usefulness of Android tablets, but even I've been questioning my own words over the past year or so. After switching to a Chromebook Flip as my main laptop and tablet, I rarely even use my Android tablets for anything more than reading in bed or playing a quick game.

But deep down I guess I'm a dreamer—I keep hoping Google will step up and make Android tablets not only relevant for more than the "I want a cheap tablet" market, but for power users. People who want to get things done and don't always want to break out a laptop to do it.

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Pixel C Owners Complain Of Poor WiFi Signal And Speeds, Google Is Looking Into It

The Pixel C is, by all accounts, a very fast tablet in general. But that may not be the case when it comes to the device's WiFi connection. There's a growing thread on the Google support forums of Pixel C owners complaining about sluggish WiFi. Many say they are seeing download speeds that are a mere fraction of what other devices get.

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[Weekend Poll] Are You Buying A Pixel C?

My feelings on the Pixel C are no great secret, but Google's latest hardware product still undeniably delivers on the large-format, premium Android tablet promise the Nexus 9 kind of failed to live up to last year. The Pixel C is Nexus 10-like in its size, but the 1:√2 aspect ratio gives it a more squared-off shape, as opposed to the old Nexus 10's media-focused 16:9 layout.

While Google is positioning the Pixel C as a "pro" sort of device, aside from the keyboard dock, none of that productive promise is really yet delivered on. As such, for now the Pixel C is just like any other Android tablet, which may be desirable depending on just what it is you want out of a device like this.

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Google Posts Android 6.0.1 Factory Images And Binaries For The Pixel C

Say what you will about the Pixel C, but it's an interesting piece of hardware and Google appears to be determined to give it the right treatment. During yesterday's Reddit AMA, the product team behind the premium tablet was asked if it would receive factory images in the same style as other Nexus devices. The answer was a definite yes. Today we see the team sticking to its word as the Android 6.0.1 factory images are now available, and despite the different product names, they appear on the same page as the Nexus lineup.


Since the Pixel C only hit the Google Store two days ago, it's safe to assume there won't be too many people putting the factory images to good use quite yet, but it's good to see they're available.

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Pixel C Team Holds Reddit AMA, Discusses Name, Android N, Multiwindow Support, "OK Google" Hotword Update, And More

Like the original Chromebook Pixel, the Pixel C (which became available on the Google Store for a starting price of $499.99 yesterday) leaves many people scratching their heads. The usual criticism is that the device is too expensive for what it is, a high-end tablet hybrid meant for productivity—only one that lacks the requisite software. You could say this dichotomy is part of the Pixel brand.

Today the Pixel C team held an hour-long Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) from 11 to 12 PM PT.

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Pixel C Enters The Google Store Starting At $499.99, Magnetic And Folio Keyboard Options Also Available

You've waited, and now it's here. The Pixel C has found its way into the Google Store. There it's available for the starting price of $499.99 for the 32GB model or $599.99 for 64GB.

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