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Pixel Buds marked as 'Coming Soon' in new product listing

If you're like me, you may have already completely forgotten about the updated Pixel Buds that were announced back in October. Google's second attempt at wireless earbuds certainly looked like a major improvement at the time — the cable connecting the two buds are gone — but we were only left with a spring release date. Now the release is nearly upon us, according to a new product listing.

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[Update: Regional availability] Next-gen Pixel Buds will go truly wireless next spring for $179

As the rumor mill grinds, so has Google when it came to developing another pair of Pixel Buds. The first one, which debuted in 2017, were pretty much plastic central and, while using Bluetooth, still cabled. This time around, the cable's gone, the buds are thick, and Google Assistant is easier to access than ever.

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Google pulls first-gen Pixel Buds, Daydream View, and Google Clips from its Store

Most of today's news has revolved around the new products added to the Google Store. However, Google has removed several older products, as well. These include the Daydream View VR headset, the Google Clips camera, and the first generation of Pixel Buds. Store listings for these devices are no longer visible without a direct link. If you attempt to access the Google Store pages for these products directly, you'll find a "no longer available" message that has replaced the purchase option.

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Pixel Buds are primed to receive 'Hey Google' hotword detection

Love them or hate them, the first-generation Pixel Buds were more than Google's first foray into the wireless headphones arena. Launching with an exclusive instant language translation feature powered by Assistant, the Pixel Buds were an initial look at what Google's AI savvy could do for the hearable product category. New information gathered by 9to5Google suggests that Pixel Buds are about to get just a little bit smarter via a new – yet currently non-functional – Assistant hotword recognition setting appearing on some devices.

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Google may announce Pixel Buds 2 at October 15th Pixel event

It's been nearly two full years since the first generation Pixel Buds debuted alongside the Pixel 2 phones. Since then, Google has remained relatively quiet on further development, despite the rise of the wireless headphones market swooping in to rescue us from a world without 3.5mm jacks. After waiting and watching the competition roll out new versions of their own wireless buds, Google finally appears ready to release an encore.

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Pixel Buds firmware update reduces lag and improves connectivity

Google tried to take on Apple's AirPods with its Pixel Buds, but as we all know, that didn't work out too well – the Pixel Buds aren't truly wireless and connect to each other with a cord, and coupled with some additional issues like poor audio and a finicky charging case, they never stood a chance. However, if you bought them prepared for these problems, you still got headphones with stellar Google Assistant support and quick pairing, so there's that. Now, the Buds are receiving a new firmware update that packs reduced lag, better connectivity, and improved battery stats.

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Midweek deals: Discounted smartwatches, Pixel Buds, Fire tablet 3-packs, and more

At Android Police, we keep an eye out for great deals on tech goodies so we can let you know when the time to buy is right. But there are a lot of deals out there; too many to highlight each in its own story. With that in mind, here are some bargains you may have missed over the past few days.

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The instant translation feature from Google's Pixel Buds is coming to all Assistant headphones

Last year, Google's Pixel Buds instant translation demo stole the show at the company's October hardware event. However, the Pixel Buds themselves didn't get great reviews. Soon, you won't need to buy the overpriced Pixel Buds to get that feature. Google says instant translation is coming to all Assistant-optimized headphones.

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4 of our favorite tech deals this week: We hope you like headphones

Waiting for good tech deals can be like watching a pot of water boil — stare too intently and it seems like nothing's ever going to happen, but sit back and relax and you'll eventually get what you wanted. Last week, the deals we found were pretty sparse, and by the time the weekend rolled around, pretty much all of them were dead. Some shoppers would get discouraged at this, but not us. Instead, we've gone all zen, thoroughly chilled out, and let the deals come to us.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a pair of Pixel Buds for $109 ($50 off) from the Google Store

Google's first-party wireless (but not wireless wireless) in-ear headphones, the Pixel Buds, are far from a perfect product. The charging case is finicky, and the fabric loops that hold them in place aren't for everybody. But some flaws can be overlooked at the right price. If, for you, that price is about a hundred bucks, you're in luck. The Pixel Buds are currently $109 direct from Google, a savings of $50.

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