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Divoom Timebox Mini review: Fun, but ultimately underwhelming

I've grown jaded to the Bluetooth speaker market lately, but I always hop on the chance to review a new one in the admittedly futile hope that it will exceed my general expectations of the product segment. I get really excited when I'm pitched something that has a truly unique aspect to it — and no, I don't consider durability or weatherproof-ness to be unique anymore. But do you know what I really dislike? When something has a lot of promise, both in premise and presentation, but falls flat on its face, so to speak, in most areas.

This is the Divoom Timebox Mini, a little speaker/smart alarm clock that seriously excited me when I heard about it.

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Nexon's Evil Factory looks like the best kind of retro arcade game, minus the in-app purchases

Retro-style games are all the rage these days. From their simple camera angles to their usually endearing pixel art, they have a sense of nostalgia to them regardless of your age. Evil Factory is one such example. This top-down arcade title is action-packed and sure to provide some good fun.

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Strange Telephone is a delightful pixel art game with multiple endings

Everyone loves a bit of pixel art now and again (I do, anyway), so when I saw this game from Japanese indie developer Magniflop, I was excited. It's a fun horror game with a cool story, which has multiple endings and interesting world generation featuring a telephone. Who'd have thought?

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Kingdom: New Lands, a beautiful pixel-art kingdom-builder arrives on NVIDIA SHIELD

The NVIDIA SHIELD is the premier Android TV device currently on the market, but what really sets it apart is the games NVIDIA are able to secure as exclusives on Android (or sometimes just straight-up AAA titles). The next one of these games to come to the SHIELD is Kingdom: New Lands, a kingdom-building game in a cool, cute pixel-art graphical style.

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