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Option to force 90Hz refresh rate on Pixel 4 is back in Android 11 Beta 3

The setting to forcibly enable the Pixel 4 to a 90Hz-always mode has been brought back as of Android 11 Beta 3. So far as we can tell, the setting was removed in Beta 2. However, it has been brought back — seemingly with a new name.

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Google discontinues the Pixel 4 and 4 XL before releasing the Pixel 5

Google has just teased its new flagship Pixel 5 (and the Pixel 4a 5G), but the Pixel 4 remains the only high-end phone the company currently sells. After the Pixel 4a launch event, we noticed that the Pixel 4 started disappearing from the Google Store, with its status flip-flopping between available and sold out. The most damning evidence we found is a Google support page that says the Pixel 4 is no longer available in the US. And sure enough, while Google wouldn't tell us what's up, The Verge now says the company has just confirmed that it has discontinued the Pixel 4.

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Ward off Pixel 4a envy with a new Pixel 3a/3a XL or 4/4XL fabric case for $20 (50% off)

Pixel phones have usually been known more for utilitarian design than flashy looks, but Google's line of fabric cases certainly helps the phones stand out from the crowd while adding some drop protection as well. With the announcement of the new Pixel 4a, the Google Store is cutting prices on fabric case options for the Pixel 3a/3a XL and Pixel 4/4 XL down to just $20, a savings of 50%.

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Should you still buy a Pixel 4 in 2020?

The Pixel 4 (and 4 XL) might only be nine months old, but a lot has happened since then. Samsung revealed its new Galaxy S20 series, Motorola announced its first high-end phone in years, and the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are now widely available. The Pixel 4 has also changed over the past few months, with several new software features and price fluctuations.

So, the question is this: should you still buy the Pixel 4 in 2020? The answer a few months ago was "probably yes," but after a recent price hike, it's not the best choice for everyone.

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Pixel 4 XL glass backs aren't coming loose because of the battery, according to Google

Google's Pixel lineup might offer some of the best phones out there when it comes to software, but they've always struggled with one hardware issue or another over the years. From the Pixel 2 XL display to the Pixel 3's long list of problems, the reliability of Pixel devices isn't among their best selling points. Now it looks like the back panels of some Pixel 4 XL units are peeling off, but Google has promised to exchange devices still under warranty, refuting claims bloated batteries might be at fault.

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Chase is rolling out support for Pixel 4 face unlock more widely

More and more apps support Android 10's biometrics API, which means that they work with the Pixel 4's face unlock mechanism for authentication, saving you from typing in your password or PIN over and over again. One of the Big Four banks in the US is now getting ready to jump on the bandwagon for its app: Chase. After an initially extremely slow rollout, it seems that the feature is now in the hands of many more people.

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Google Recorder gets Assistant integration in v1.2 (APK Download)

Google's third big Pixel feature drop arrived yesterday, and while it was a little lighter on standout features than the two previous, some interesting upgrades for the Recorder app were included. The ability to control it with the Google Assistant makes an already great app even more useful, as does saving transcripts directly to Google Docs so you can use them more easily later.

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June updates for Google Pixels are here with plenty of bugfixes

Google's monthly Pixel software update is now rolling out, including June 2020's security patches and changes announced as part of this quarter's Pixel Feature Drop. The OTA should be rolling out in the traditional sense shortly, but in the meantime, you can sideload the update yourself, or peruse the huge list of Pixel functional patches — they're almost all just fixes, but there's a ton of them.

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Google's third Pixel Feature Drop is here with new safety features, Recorder integrations, tools to manage sleep, and more

Google's third Pixel Feature Drop update has been announced with a handful of new features and tweaks for the company's line of phones. While we might yet find more minor changes hiding inside when it rolls out, we're told there are four broad categories of new features Pixel owners can look forward to: New Adaptive Battery tweaks to stretch out battery life, Recorder app integration with the Google Assistant and Google Docs, tools to better manage your sleep, and new personal safety features including crisis alerts and a "safety check" feature that notifies emergency contacts if you don't respond to a scheduled check-in.

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Here's what the Pixel 4 looks like in matte gray — too bad we didn't get it

A recent listing on Chinese online flea market has some Pixel 4 owners jealous for all the wrong reasons — those reasons are mostly attributed to this phone actually being a testing unit. There are warning stickers all over the place warning whoever comes across it that the phone has not been approved by the FCC for use and that it has dangerous autofocus lasers. But it's the color that's got everyone talking... and it's gray.

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