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What to expect from Google's launch event tomorrow

Google's yearly hardware event is nearly upon us. In this day and age, there are always bits of information leaked ahead of official announcements, but this event is completely different. Google has been as leaky as the Titanic over the past few months, so there's a good chance there aren't any surprises left.

If you've been living under a rock this whole time, or you haven't been able to keep track of all the leaks, we've summarized everything we know about the products Google will (probably) announce tomorrow.

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First Pixel 3 case spotted at Target

Google’s Pixel event is only a day away and we’ve already seen plenty of leaks, a review, and even a store selling the phones. With the full specifications revealed, there's not much left to speculate about, but that doesn't mean the leaks are stopping. Now we also have confirmation of the first Pixel 3 accessory spotted in the wild.

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Latest Pixel 3 leak shows off the 'Sand' color, which is basically pink

Google always has at least one "fun" color for its Pixel phones in addition to the standard white and black. However, those colors have often been exclusive to Verizon. We don't know if that will be the case this year, but we do know what the rumored "Sand" Pixel 3 and 3XL will look like. You can see them right here.

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[Update: Marketing videos leaked] The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are still leaking, this time in both live and render forms

We're less than three weeks away from Google's October 9 NYC event, but the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL leaks haven't showed any signs of stopping. This time around, we've got two separate leaks to show. Some more in-the-flesh photos of the Pixel 3 XL have surfaced on Twitter, and Evan Blass has posted a side-by-side shot of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL renders.

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For those hoping Google's phones stay small, the Pixel 3 may be a savior

Smaller phones are much harder to come by these days, regardless of whether you're using Android or iOS. With the Pixel 3 in particular, and the fact that it's arriving nearly a month after the launch of the considerably larger iPhone XS and XS Max, and months after even larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note9, Google has the opportunity to appeal to those who prefer to wield pocketable devices. But to do so successfully, and to keep those of us with smaller mandibles interested in its hardware, it has to do it right.

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Pixel Stand press render for the upcoming Pixel 3 phones leaks

For the last couple of months, details surrounding the "Pixel Stand" wireless charging accessory presumed to accompany the release of the Pixel 3 phones have slowly leaked. From animations in Google's apps to a new Assistant UI built for it, we figured we had most of the details about the charging stand —at least, excluding what it actually looked like. But MySmartPrice has managed to snag what it thinks is a press render of the stand.

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Leak reveals Pixel 3's Google Camera will support real-time Lens analysis

Real-time detection in the Google Lens app began rolling out in May 2018, but it's still not possible to use the tool in real-time just by opening up the basic Google Camera app. That won't be the case for long, though, according to a new leak that shows Lens running by default in the Pixel 3's camera. In a video published (then quickly unpublished) by a tipster, the standard Google Camera clocks an email address on a business card, then a pop-up suggests copying that address over to Gmail.

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[Update: Showing in Always On Display too] Pixel 3 live wallpapers are available to download and they're beautiful

We're exactly two weeks out from the October 9th Google event and unless the crazy conspiracy theories end up being true, there might not be too many surprises coming our way. Images of the Pixel 3 phones have leaked left, right, and center, and now we're being treated to the live wallpapers that will ship with them.

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Here are even more leaked images of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

It almost goes without saying that Google's operational security is not so good lately. The Pixel 3 (and especially) 3 XL have leaked repeatedly and in great detail over the last few weeks. There are basically no surprises left for the Google event on October 9th, but now there's a new cache of images just in case you wanted them.

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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL leak side-by-side in press renders

The barrage of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL leaks stopped for a week or two there, but we've got some more photos of Google's upcoming phones. This time around, both are pictured next to each other in some pretty official-looking press renders, dressed in Google's very nice fabric cases.

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