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Exclusive: This is the 2017 Google Pixel "XL," with low-bezel AMOLED display and squeezable frame

The image you see above is what we believe to be an accurate representation of Google's 2017 flagship smartphone, the 2nd-generation Pixel "XL." This image is based on information from sources we deem extremely reliable. For those of you keeping track, this is the codename "taimen" device.

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'Muskie,' the larger of the next-generation Pixel phones, appears in AOSP

I know, I know - we won't do this every time they show up. But! We caught our first sighting of the larger next-generation Pixel phone in the AOSP gerrit, codename 'muskie.' You can see one such example we fished out below.

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Google removes reference to upcoming Pixel phone from AOSP, accidentally makes another reference to it

Around two weeks ago, we told you what the codenames of Google's next-generation Pixel phones are (it's muskie and walleye, if you've forgotten). After we wrote that post, a Googler commenting on the commit where walleye first appeared actually linked to our story and gave a light ribbing to the author for using unreleased device codenames in the public gerrit, which we found amusing.

At some point after that, though, the reference to walleye as well as the comment linking to our story were removed. If you go to the commit now, walleye is nowhere to be seen. Which, I guess that makes sense?

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Google's next Pixel phones are likely codenamed 'muskie' and 'walleye'

Corroborating information provided to us by a source, we can share the first public sighting of Google's next-generation Pixel phones: in the Android Open Source Project gerrit (and yes, that means it's running Android). We've only seen one of the phones - walleye - which we believe will be the smaller of Google's new Pixel devices. Muskie, the larger of the two, has not yet appeared. (For reference, last year, we only ever saw Marlin in the AOSP gerrit - there's no guarantee Muskie will ever show up there.)

At this point, we don't have any more information about the devices that we are yet confident enough to share.

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5 things I'd like to see Google improve on in the next Pixel phone

I'm coming up on month three of near-uninterrupted use of the Pixel (specifically the Pixel XL), and as I've spent more and more time with Google's chosen phone, I think I've got a solid list of areas where I think Google could improve the device when a successor is released. While I still think the Pixel is quite easily the best Android phone currently on sale, it's not without compromises, some of which were not readily apparent to me until well after I started using it. Here are five areas I think are ripe for improvement on the Pixel, and that I hope are addressed when we see a new Pixel (again, hopefully) later this year.

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