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[Deal Alert] New first-gen Pixel on sale for $330 (32GB) and $400 (128GB) [Update: Price bump]

The 2016 Pixel was a great little phone, and it's still a solid device in the middle of 2018. The camera is one of the best you can get, the screen is decent, and it has a headphone jack. The problem is finding a good deal on it. B&H has this phone on sale currently, and while the price is a bit higher than some other deals, these are not refurbs.

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Exclusive: Google's new phones will be called the Pixel and Pixel XL

Speaking to two independent sources, we now strongly believe that Google's formerly-maybe-Nexus-phones, Marlin and Sailfish, will be marketed as the Pixel and the Pixel XL. We do not have pricing information. At this time, it is unknown to us when Google decided to shift its in-house smartphone brand from Nexus to Pixel or why (though speculation will likely run wild).

The Pixel will be the 5" Sailfish device, while Pixel XL will be the 5.5" Marlin. As to our confidence in this information: given that our two sources are independent, and the fact that one in particular has been exceptionally reliable in the past, we feel comfortable saying you can take this to the bank.

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